Zimbabwe: Socialite strikes gold in the south

Zimbabwean influencer and entrepreneur, Paloma Mlunjwana, affectionately known as Loloskloset, struck gold in Limpopo after landing a major role on a reality show.

Loloskloset, who is based in South Africa, has a lead role on primetime television in the new reality show “Diamond & Dolls.”

The show premiered yesterday on Showmax.

In an interview, Loloskloset credits determination as propelling her to stardom.

“I am proof that determination and focus on your craft can propel you to success.

“I have not allowed location and instead to hinder my progress and vision, even in foreign countries where I have excelled and achieved great success. My role in this reality TV show is essential and is integral to the show’s popularity and success much has been said about my controversies on social platforms but behind all the social shenanigans is a very business savvy woman who runs a very successful conservative business .”

Loloskloset spoke about his brief experience.

“My real name is Paloma, but everyone knows me as Lolo. The name Lolo comes from my first company, Loloskloset, which was one of the first Instagram online stores.

“I am an award-winning fashion blogger who has been featured in local and international magazines. I have an honors degree in Strategic Brand Communications and am studying towards my MBA.”

Loloskloset said she has a passion for creating content which has seen her build her profile.

“I’m a digital content creator and luxury travel blogger,” she said.

“I’m passionate about my one business called curated by Leaux, which is an extension of my brand building expertise.

“I organize tailor-made, unique and memorable events. I run another company called Leaux Consultancy. This one is aimed at companies looking for a branding and communication strategy.”

About her acting background and education, Loloskloset said, “As a child, I was a ballerina and I was on stage at the Reps Theater and I went to music college, but I chose the sport rather than theatre.”

She said she was on cloud nine after landing the new role on the merit-based reality show.

“I was approached by cast members and they explained the project to me,” she said.

“The show follows the lives of five different actors as they navigate the Johannesburg lifestyle.

“These characters are known for their online flamboyance and public lifestyle. The goal of the show is to highlight the fact that there is more depth to these public figures.

“I’m playing me because it’s reality TV and there have been a lot of rumors and misconceptions about my brand and my personal life. I will use the show to bring viewers into my daily life. C It’s an intimate invitation and I feel exposed, but it’s my truth.”

Like any other reality star, Loloskloset has role models who have inspired her.

“Certainly, my mother,” she said. “She’s my hero. My mother is a successful entrepreneur working on her doctorate.”

As a focused woman, Loloskloset dreams big.

“Now is the time for me to dismiss all the crazy rumors, tell my story and help other women who feel like they can’t reach their potential or dream,” she said. declared.

“I’m the oldest cast member on this show and I’ve never let age or negative comments cloud my light.”

Loloskloset shared what she considers to be her greatest achievement after moving to South Africa.

“Moving to South Africa at 31 and going back to university as a mature student,” she said.

“I have two degrees in four years and graduated with honors. I had to balance college, my career and my lifestyle with a full-time study program. I wanted to quit so many times.”

Loloskloset shared her joy by sharing the cast with fellow Zimbabwean Lumi Jemmwa.

“There is another Zimbabwean woman, Lumi Jemmwa, and this is a first for Zimbabweans on a reality TV show,” she said. “We met in Johannesburg and crossed paths in most social settings.

“We have Innocentia Morolong, who I met when I was a club entertainer. Eva Modika, who introduced me to the cast, and Tebogo Ramakodi ‘Diamond’, the show has been her concept and her dream for years. “

Loloskloset explained how she settled in South Africa.

“I left the UK five years ago,” she said. “I wanted to further my education. I actually applied to a university in China. South Africa was my second choice, but I prayed and South Africa seemed to be calling me. I’m so happy that this is my final destination.”

Loloskloset drew comparisons between the film and television industry in South Africa and Zimbabwe.

“I think with film and television, you have to create content that appeals to an audience beyond your borders,” she said. “We consume so many shows and music from other African countries.

“I believe Zimbabwe was once at the center of the entertainment industry, with time, resources and innovative programming we can realign with new industry standards and excel.”

Loloskloset hasn’t ruled out the chances of working on local productions.

“I would love to,” she said. “I’m so passionate about being a part of my country’s entertainment and culture industry. I would love to showcase Zimbabwe’s talent.”

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