Why Black British Women Feel More Beautiful Abroad

“Even though I have traveled to places like Bali, Portugal and Brazil, I have only traveled to two majority black countries, Nigeria and Ghana. I was in Nigeria for almost two months – I am went to the mainland, to Abuja, then I went to Benin where my father is from – and I felt like I lived there. One of the first things that struck me was that I didn’t never had to explain how to pronounce my name. That was huge! I’m half Edo, half Yoruba, and Oghosa is an Edo name and is actually pronounced “o-wa-sa”. In terms of functionality and colorism, it was very refreshing to think, wow, I was lied to [about beauty], including this idea of ​​the stereotypical black female body shape. In Nigeria, all the women looked different. They all have different morphologies and many women look like me. There is only one mixture. I always felt like living in England that I had to live up to that ideal figure-of-eight physique with a big behind and a small waist; this ridiculous idea of ​​what a black woman is is supposed to look like. My visit really underscored that we are not a monolith and that there is not a single look that is worthy of being desirable.
“England can sometimes make you feel a little ignored. Not all the time. But sometimes. [Travelling to Nigeria] was good at showing me that black women can be the main character. The trip certainly made me feel more connected to my culture, but [in] a majority black country in general, there is a sense of peace that we really should experience everyday. Obviously you still have the ramifications of colonialism in Nigeria, but the effects of white supremacy, those little things that you have to deal with every day in the UK – the microaggressions, the stares, the ‘How do you pronounce your first name? – you just don’t have to worry about it [in a Black majority country]. There is a sense of peace and belonging that emerges when you travel to these countries. It’s a shame it’s so expensive because I would do it all the time.

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