We bet 14 fashion brands will reach viral status in 2022


WHO: Jacqueline Zenere, Stylist

For those who don’t know your job, what do you do? And how did you get into the fashion industry?

I am a stylist, but my background is entirely editorial. I started to W magazine then sspent my most formative years at Modern luxury, styling of over 300 covers and editorials. I grew up to realize that working on cover shoots and working with talent and developing a relationship of trust is even more rewarding, which has brought me to where I am now. When I stylize a client, I think first of the storytelling. When choosing a look I always wonder, Wwhy this creator? Why this design? Why this glamor? Each aspect is thought out and considered to convey the desired message.

As a stylist, a big part of your role is to discover new talent. How do you find new brands? And in your opinion, is there one thing that makes a booming fashion brand worth following?

The easiest way to identify a designer to follow is to signify yourself with new ideas. Once you’ve invested the time and studied the records, you can separate the new and the derivative. In terms of discovering creators, that almost implies that I look for them, when in reality, it is the other way around. They come to me so much at a point that I can’t ignore, whether it’s on Business of Fashion, Instagram, on the streets, from publicists, in so many ways.


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