Warning: Put these 9 South African beauty influencers on your radar now!

South Africa is home to incredibly talented people who always stand out in their field, locally and internationally. If we try to name all of these talents, we might end up with an endless post. So today we are going to shed light on the world influencing the beauty of Rainbow nation.

Most of these beauty influencers have a massive following on social media. We can see why fans love seeing their posts, as they offer lots of makeup and hair tips and tricks, as well as game-changing product recommendations. Capitalizing on their online success, many have launched beauty brands and delved into the world of fashion and lifestyle.

Without further ado, we’ve compiled a list of nine South African beauty influencers you’ll want to check out sooner rather than later. Good scrolling.

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Mihlali Ndamase


Who? Multi-award winning Content Creator, Vlogger, Makeup Artist and Social Media Influencer. Founder of the innovative beauty platform Malakyt.

Ffollow for: Quick and convenient makeup demos on Youtube, endlessly imaginative beauty looks and hacks that will motivate you to be more creative, lifestyle content and more.

Lungile Thabethe


Who? Celebrity makeup artist and beauty entrepreneur. Founder of an online retail interior design studio Glaze Home and co-founder of the beauty brand Quick face.

Follow for: Endless makeup inspiration that balances wow with wearable, useful product recommendations and aesthetically pleasing travel and home decor snaps.

Cynthia Gwebu


Who? Digital designer, beauty and lifestyle YouTuber.

Follow for: A nice mix of his professional work, including great product recommendations and industry insights, as well as sweeping views on his account.

Vongai Mapho


Who? Digital designer, beauty and lifestyle YouTuber. Founder of an online fashion brand Dream clothes.

Follow for: In-depth, trusted, and unbiased product reviews, plus practical makeup and skincare tips and tricks.

Mbali Mkhize


Who? Beauty and lifestyle youtuber and social media influencer.

Follow for: Flawless makeup creations, endless styling and makeup inspiration.

Kay Ngonyama


Who? Makeup artist, beauty influencer and YouTuber.

Follow for: Endless makeup and hair inspiration, Beauty’s Feed is a positive place to be a testament to her fun personality.

Nuzhah Jacobs


Who? Beauty and hair content creator

Follow for: The ultimate beauty and natural hair education, from insights into the best makeup and hair products to out-of-this-world makeup creations.

Thandi Gama


Who? Makeup artist, beauty influencer and YouTuber.

Follow for: A fun and relevant feed, with lots of product recommendations (some sponsored, some not) and compelling makeup tutorials.

Yolenda Jawe


Who? Award-winning content creator, beauty and lifestyle, and the force behind skincare brand cruelty Yolz beauty.

Follow for: Unlimited natural hair inspiration, lifestyle, fitness and bubbly personality.

Can’t find your favorite South African beauty influencer on this list? Tag them below!

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