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All the bosses of V rising is an evil bandit lord or a powerful corrupt wizard. The monstrous creatures that inhabit Vardoran can pose an equally significant threat to your vampiric ambitions. Set in a secluded cave, The Ferocious Bear is aptly named and will assault you with powerful attacks that can quickly combine to end your existence.

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This guide will help you learn where to find the Fierce Bear, the best strategy for defeating it, and what you can expect to be rewarded with if you emerge victorious.

Fierce Bear Location

The ferocious bear sits in The bear cave to the extreme East of Farbane wood. There is a long, narrow track leading to the current cave, and the boss will be inside. There are no enemies along the way and the boss will never leave the actual cave, so there is no risk associated with tracking down the beast, and the use of a blood altar is not necessary.


During the fight, it is possible to reset the ferocious bear, bringing it out of the cave. This can be used if you are about to die, but be careful not to accidentally reset the fight as the boss will heal again and you will lose all of your progress in the fight.

Fierce Bear Battle Strategy

The Fierce Bear doesn’t have many abilities, but his moves are all punchy and punchy. His first ability is a Ground Blow AoEwhich will create a ring of falling rocks, which then split into another smaller ring of rocks. The initial banging and falling rocks will make you be reversedand this ability can combo itself hitting yourself with the chain, especially if you happen to be stuck against a wall.

The best tactic for this ability is to use your travel ability while it rears up to slam the ground. If you keep on running then you should be quick enough to dodge each ring of rock and not have to worry about micro-dodges. It’ll be a big dps drain, but it’s a very safe way to deal with falling rocks.

The bear’s next move is a targeted charge attack, which inflicts very high damage and push you back a good distance. If you are far enough from the boss, you can just run sideways, otherwise keep circling the bear so as not to stay in his line of sight. Charging is exceptionally fast, and can easily surprise you if you stand still for an ability.

The bear will often hit you with a fast front claw. There’s not much you can do about it since the attack is so fast, but luckily it only deals low damage, so some Ointments against vermin should be enough to help keep you healthy.

As the bear loses health, it will enter its Enraged phasecausing him to treat more damage and move faster. You can tell when he got enraged by the red glow from the boss. Just keep playing the same way as before, but be even more careful not to get hit by the charge or the rocks.

The fight is usually quite long as you will have to run away from the boss quite often, so be patient and keep carrying it with ranged spells and weapon abilities. Merciless Nightstalker Armor and one Ruthless Copper Weapon is sufficient equipment, as well as Illusion Shroud, Shadow Bolt and Volley of Chaos for your spells.

There is currently a cheese tactic for this pattern, thanks to which you can climb the ramp to the bottom of the cavefiring capabilities as you go, before jump off the ledge. The bear will come down towards you, and the moment it reaches you, you can use your movement ability to safely climb back up the ramp.

The recommended capacities for this strategy are Veil of Chaos, replicaand Volley of chaos, as the double dash and fast casting speeds allow you to strike while on the move. This tactic will allow you to dodge almost all of the boss’ abilities and allow you to kill it, even with a very low speed score.

Fierce Bear Rewards

The Fierce Bear only grants you two rewards, the first being the bear shaped vampire power. As the name suggests, this will allow you to transform into a giant bear to trash the map. The form offers an increase damage resistance, speed, resistances, and health regeneration. Contrary to Wolf and Rat form, it is not removed by taking damage and can be used in combat to tank a swarm of enemies or another player. Its attacks will allow you to destroy massive resourcesand can even be used instead of bombs, if you want to destroy some barricades.

Defeating the bear will also allow you to craft fur rug, if you want to show off your triumphs in your own castle. Both Brown and gray carpet Cost animal skin, and can be found in the Carpet section of your building tab.

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