Ugandan man jailed in South Africa for scamming women on Tinder

A Ugandan travel influencer living in South Africa has been sacked by a Johannesburg court for stealing money from unsuspecting women on the dating app Tinder.

Amon Namara was arrested last week and charged with fraud, money laundering and theft.

The 39-year-old allegedly tricked up to three wealthy women into giving him money and other materials such as jewelry and clothes.

He presented himself on the dating app as a very successful businessman in Sandton Johannesburg, thus attracting unsuspecting women.

Posing as a millionaire who owned a Bentley and several properties in Johannesburg, Namara took his partners on whirlwind dates before extracting large sums of money from them.

South African media were quick to compare Namara to Simon Leviev who made international headlines last month following the release of Netflix’s hit documentary ‘Tinder Swindler’.

Yesterday, Friday, Namara appeared in court to seek bail.

The court, however, pushed back the bail hearing to Wednesday, next week.

Speaking to reporters in court, Namara’s lawyer, Eric Bryer, said his client was “under pressure” and wanted out of jail as soon as possible.

“But he understands that there is a legal process to follow. We are in the hands of the law, so we will see what happens next Wednesday,” Bryer said.

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