Traveling to Romania: a short guide to the new passenger tracking form

From December 20, all persons entering Romania must complete the Passenger Tracking Form (PLF). The document helps public health authorities to conduct epidemiological investigations more quickly and take the necessary steps to test or isolate those infected. Below is a short guide to the new PLF.

The passenger tracking form includes various information such as the passenger’s first and last name, identification and contact details; the country, region and locality from which he is traveling to Romania, including those in transit; the location and address of destination in Romania; the means of transport used to get to Romania; the date of arrival in Romania; and data on support for minors if this is the case.

The form is available online at All travelers must complete it whether they are traveling by plane, train, road or sea. An email address is required to log in and generate the document.

The PLF must be completed within 24 hours before entering Romania or within 24 hours after crossing the border. It can be completed electronically from a mobile phone, tablet or computer. The border authorities are responsible for verifying the form.

If family members are traveling together, the form can be completed by one adult member for all family members. For minors entering the territory of Romania, the obligation to fill in the form falls on the parents, guardians or legal representatives.

Travelers who do not complete the PLF risk fines of between RON 2,000 and RON 3,000.

Here are the responses of the Romanian border police to other questions travelers might have about the PLF:

What data should I enter in the form?

the personal identification number (CNP) and other travel data for citizens traveling with a Romanian identity card

– passport or identity card data, for people who do not travel on the basis of the Romanian identity card

Do I have to mention all the countries I have visited?

You must enter data on the country you visited but also on the countries you have passed through during the last 14 days. Providing false data is a criminal offense and is punishable by law.

If I made a mistake, can I modify the form?

Once saved, the form cannot be edited. If you want to update the information in the form, you can fill it out again and save it. All the forms you filled out when entering Romania can be viewed in the “List of Forms” menu of the application.

Where is the form data stored?

All forms are stored in the communication infrastructure of the Romanian state. The data is physically and legally protected and is not passed on to third parties.

Who has access to the personal data entered in the form?

The data entered in the form is only accessible to authorized agents of the public health departments and may be used strictly for the purposes of epidemiological investigations. The Special Telecommunications Service (STS) provides specific cybersecurity measures for the computer system used to issue the PLF.

How do I complete the form if I don’t have an e-mail address?

Those who do not have an email address can ask family members or other close friends to help them complete the form.

Further details are available here (in Romanian) and here (in English).

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