Travel influencer Cedtripping takes 20 travelers to Zanzibar

Known for his dynamic and authentic content on social media, travel influencer and clinical pharmacist Cedric ‘Cedtripping’ Woods has never really been a fan of group travel.

One of the most popular masculine, travel content creators on Instagram, Woods didn’t take her first international trip until 2012. A few years later, after a trip to France with some friends, an ever-burning passion for travel kindled in him; taking him to over 50 countries to document and curate content surrounding his travel experiences.

However, Woods was still not sold on group excursions.

“I don’t usually like to go on group trips,” Woods said. “I’ve done a few, and you’re not able to do what you want to do. Sometimes the experience and accommodations aren’t at a certain level or are between average luxury and complete luxury.”

Photo courtesy of Cedric Woods

Nonetheless, Woods’ engaging and high-quality content continued to attract his social media friends, and more and more people began asking to accompany him on his international quests.

“A lot of people were interested in traveling with me, so they could see what it was like to be a travel content creator and capture great photos,” he said.

Eventually, Woods relented and began planning a trip to Zanzibar, Tanzania for a group of his loyal social media followers. The experience of 20 travelers sold out within a month and guests were thrilled to enjoy the rich travel experience that only Cedtripping could offer.

“I wanted everyone to have the authentic feel of a Cedtripping trip,” he said. “I can truly say that the trip to Zanzibar was a complete success. I was just blown away.

Photo courtesy of Cedric Woods.

For five days in March 2022, Woods and his guests explored the turquoise waters and white sand beaches of Zanzibar. Their hotel was right on the water and guests woke up every morning to a view of the ocean. Suddenly, the photos they’d double-tapped on Woods’ Instagram page became their reality, and the African skyline served as the perfect backdrop.

“African destinations are destinations that affect me more than others,” Woods said. “There is something special about Africa and for me it is a personal connection that goes way beyond the people, the history and the food. This could only be found in the motherland.

Woods led the group on excursions throughout the stay which took them all over Zanzibar. Guests enjoyed massages on the beach to relax before heading out on a sailboat on the Indian Ocean. They also swam with sea turtles in an aquarium and learned about the region’s culture in a traditional Swahili class.

Photo courtesy of Cedric Woods.

The whole stay was filled with excursions from sunrise to sunset. While that meant very little sleep for Woods, the influencer wanted to make sure his guests got the most out of their trip and understood they were in control of their itinerary.

“I expected them to do as much as they could on the itinerary, but I encouraged them to make this trip whatever they wanted,” he said.

A unique facet of Woods’ travel itinerary was that all combinations and excursions were selected specifically to create travel content. Not only that, Woods caters to the needs of every traveler by having videographers and photographers on deck to help clients produce their social media content while in Zanzibar. While the trip was content-driven, participation in content curation was optional for all guests.

“Whether it was their posing, their posture, or just the acting, they helped the guests know what to do to capture great content,” he said.

Photo courtesy of Cedric Woods.

During the trip, guests were able to experience the Stone Town market and have lunch at Zanzibar’s most famous restaurant, The Rock Restaurant. Knowing that some group travel can center around food and hotel buffets, Woods wanted his travelers to experience the flair and flavor of Tanzanian cuisine.

“I wanted this group to have great food and great options and experience different restaurants,” he said. “So, I made us dine at different places in Zanzibar, so that we could experience different types of food, different spices, different menus and different dinner landscapes.”

Once worried about group excursions, Woods has found a new appreciation for traveling with a diverse group of individuals. Guests have raved about their experience since returning to the United States, with many expressing how life-changing the trip was in more ways than one.

Photo courtesy of Cedric Woods.

“A lot of them were going through some issues or something at home so it was such a peaceful experience for them to get away from it all and basically a great way for them to deal with some of the stress they were going through” , did he declare.

Realizing the impact maintaining a personalized and detailed travel experience can have, Woods left Zanzibar with a new perspective and plans to have more Cedtripping group trips in the future. He believes travel is transformative, and while he’s experienced it himself, he’s been amazed to see it manifest in other travellers.

“You can really design travel experiences in a way that really helps people deal with stress and make their lives more manageable and better,” Cedtripping said. “You can design a travel experience that saves someone’s life and frees someone who is suffering from depression. You can provide them with this space to clear their heads and give them time to reflect and give them more hope.

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