Tourism Regulatory Authority warns public about unlicensed online tour guides

NAIROBI, Kenya, June 24 The Tourism and Regulatory Authority has warned the public against online tour guides and unlicensed companies that have defrauded unsuspecting tourists.

The regulator, in a statement, said it has observed that perpetrators often delete their websites and other relevant accounts once they have received payments.

The Authority also noted that some restaurants and hotels falsely presented themselves as having obtained various stars from the Authority.

“Others have continued to operate without the relevant licenses from the Authority, and now face prosecution for doing so,” the TRA statement read.

Going forward, the Tourism Regulatory Authority has warned that anyone found to have committed the above offenses will be punished by law and may face at least 12 months in prison, among other penalties.

He further advised members of the public to apply for and verify a TRA license number when looking for tourism and hospitality services.

This includes short term rentals to make sure they hire a real service provider and get their money’s worth.

These statements follow the much publicized WRC Safari rally which will be held in Naivasha from June 24-27 and which has attracted many tourists across Africa.

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