Thula ESV — An electric 4×4 made in South Africa

Thula Solutionsin partnership with Brandt BRVdeveloped the first South African-made electric 4×4, TopAuto reported.

The vehicle has been dubbed the Thula Electric Safari Views (ESV), but there is currently no publicly available powertrain specification.

Thula Solution CEO Gary Davies told TopAuto that BRV is considering replacing its diesel bakkies with Thula’s electric powertrains to create fully electric 4x4s.

The ESV was developed to refine safaris in South Africa, providing safari experiences without noise or vibration.

“Strict battery management protocols and redundancies to major European standards are part of the design,” Thula says on its ESV webpage.

This includes monitoring all motor and battery processes to manage and optimize performance.

According to Thula, the ESV will multiply the game viewing experience as viewers will no longer have to wait until they are still to enjoy the sounds of the bush.

“Driving silently through the African bush dramatically enhances the sensory experience as you are immersed in the sounds of animals, insects, birds and frogs no longer masked by a combustion engine,” wrote Thula.

“Wildlife will be less likely to change their behavior in your presence and will feel more comfortable closer to the vehicle.”

The ESV’s suspension was designed with comfort in mind.

“The custom suspension solution provided exceptional ride comfort while exceeding the current market standard for rough terrain capability,” Thula wrote.

Thula said the electric powertrain helps reduce maintenance costs and the ESV also features regenerative braking, which reduces wear on braking components.

The Thula ESV can recharge to full capacity in two hours, which will provide the driver with 100 km of range.

However, it is important to note that charging times vary depending on the charger used.

According to ESV’s website, customers can order the vehicle on an “all-inclusive rental basis,” which means the main running cost is the price of the electricity needed to charge the batteries.

“Based on the average cost of electricity and diesel in 2020, you could save up to 75% of your fuel costs for your vehicles,” Thula said.

Thula electric safari vehicle

Thula ESV Drive Controls

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