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You know a property will be special when it takes a propeller plane, an hour-long jeep ride and a boat to reach it. But that’s just a little what makes Time + Tide Chinzombo in magical Zambia.

The exclusive safari lodge is located on a bend in the Luangwa River, directly opposite the game-rich South Luangwa National Park. This location alone would make it a rare gem, but the design by award-winning architects Silvio Rech and Lesley Carstens takes the experience of staying here to another level.

Silvio and Les’ design is minimalist yet luxurious decor. Six beautiful, extremely luxurious safari tents combine modern aesthetics with classic natural materials like canvas and leather. Each safari tent has its own private swimming pool perched on a raised terrace. From here, a winding path connects the safari tents to a communal lounge and dining area under the shade of msikizi trees.

Plus, with only sustainably sourced or recycled building materials used in its creation, it’s clear that Time + Tide Chinzombo deeply loves the natural beauty of the surrounding wilderness.

You can’t help but feel transported back to Hemingway’s era of African exploration, with details like oversized chests for storage and foldable canvas chairs on a desk ready for creativity. But the tub and private sunken terraces with overly plush seating are decidedly modern. Yet the designers seamlessly blended the two in a timeless configuration that sank, allowing guests to step away from the everyday and settle into safari life in comfort.

Of course, you can’t talk about this lodge without mentioning the wildlife. Carefully designed accommodations consider that hippos, monkeys, elephants and more will roam during your stay. Private tents have transparent screens on the river side so you can watch hippos munching on grass and the sunrise from your bed. Plus, the large deck and plunge pool all face the same direction, giving you incredible views all day and all night long. There’s nothing quite like making a nightcap from the in-room minibar, snuggling up on a lounge chair while the moon illuminates the warthogs while enjoying an evening snack. It feels from another world.

Meanwhile, all other elements of the stay correspond to the design level. The food is plentiful and tasty, with many ingredients from the on-site garden. And the service rivals that of any five-star hotel. Every staff member is there to make life easier and the experience more exceptional. Don’t be surprised if there are a surprise or two during your visit to camp, as the team prides itself on creating unique memories and moments you won’t find anywhere else.

However, Time + Tide Chinzombo is a gem when it comes to safari lodges. Silvio and Les have designed other camps like Jao and Mombo from Botswana, among their credits, Time+Tide King Lewanika in the Liuwa Plain and Miavana by Time+Tide in Madagascar. The airy decor subtly mixes modern furnishings with traditional elements such as locally produced leather, reed work and handmade tableware, creating a classic safari vibe wherever they go.

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