This crazy safari-style Porsche 911 is ready for the Baja

DailyDrivenExotics takes a spin in one of the most capable 911 off-roaders and is very impressed with the $400,000 desert race car.

Porsche has an incredible reputation for building fast, fast cars on the road. At the end of the 1970s, Porsche sent two off-road-prepared 911s to the East African Safari and nearly won it. Since then, Safari-style 911s began to appear with victories even in various competitions and captured the hearts of off-road enthusiasts.

A few years ago, California-based Russell Fabrication turned a 1991 Porsche 911 Carrera 4964 Cabriolet into a Baja 1000-compatible model with a Safari-style appearance. The company’s founder, TJ Russel, linked to Daily Driven YouTube Channel Exotics on how this rally-capable Baja 911 came to be.

Taller, wider and more eccentric for off-roading

Russell is no newbie to the world of restomoding, especially when it comes to Porsches. After all, TJ worked at Singer and with Magnus Walker, both of whom specialized in restored and modified Porsche models. Passionate about all-terrain vehicles, the idea of ​​a Porsche 911 capable of facing the nearest rally (the Baja 1000) begins to penetrate his playful and creative spirit.

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To the naked eye, the Baja 911 is barely recognizable as a 911 Carrera 4,964 due to various modifications. Compared to the model that was its base, the Baja 911 is taller and much wider. It features several lighting elements as well as well-thought-out aerodynamic and cooling parts.

Russell worked to make the Baja 911 lighter than the base model by replacing steel parts and panels with ones they made from composite materials, such as its wide fenders, rally-style hood, its doors and hardtop. Nonetheless, the two-frame Baja 911 remained as heavy as the base model at around 3,600 lbs due to the installation of a custom roll cage and other related systems and parts.

A modified Porsche engine controlled by Motec ECU

Russell still used a Porsche engine as the heart of his Baja 911. However, thanks to Rothsport Racing increasing the engine’s displacement from 3.6 liters to 3.8 liters and using a Motec ECU to control the internal manifold and custom throttle bodies, the engine now delivers approximately 365 hp of power and 310 lb-ft of torque.

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Driven on the road, the Baja 911 was very punchy and responsive, which is astounding for DDE’s Damon Fryer. This performance creates an impressive case for the production model Russell (customer car) called Safari Sportsman.

Still under construction, the first customer car is expected to have similar features and elements to the Baja 911, although Russell has hinted that it is more luxurious.

Source: DailyDrivenExotics on YouTube, Russell Built Fabrication

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