These 7 Social Media Influencers Teach Their Followers How To Make Travel More Sustainable

Although we may not be able to travel, social media has been a lifeline for many – always allowing us to see a glimpse of the world beyond the confines of our homes.

Everywhere you look on Instagram, there are creators and accounts promoting beautiful, faraway destinations. But not everyone is as focused on sustainability and ethical travel as they should be.

So, from full-time bloggers to journalists, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite travel influencers, all with top ethical credentials.

These designers and makers are passionate about sustainable travel while teaching their followers all the tips they’ve come across while traveling.

1. Dr Kiona – AKA @hownottotravellikeabasicbitch

Dr Kiona is the face behind ‘How Not to Travel Like a Basic Bitch’, a platform dedicated to travel education and advice.

When not traveling (or sometimes while on the move), Dr Kiona runs a biannual program that supports the entry of people of color into higher education. Post Sunny Photos of Vacation Destinations Dr. Kiona’s legends are informative and educational, often discussing ideas such as “Doom-Scrolling” and the current environmental crisis Hawai’i faces.

More recently, Dr. Kiona teamed up with a friend to consult with a company that allows black vendors to contribute to a North Carolina-based, black-owned vacation retreat business.

2. Vivienne Dovi – AKA @travellingwithmelanin

Another conscious and favorite color-conscious traveler Vivienne Dovi, a student at the University of Oxford and avid traveler, uses her platform to educate on various elements of Senegalese culture and travel across a number of continents.

Most recently, Vivienne visited Stonehenge (while waiting for the world of travel to open up again) and “saw more of England in the past eight months than I have seen in years”.

Vivienne is also the founder of Melanin travel – an account dedicated to providing travel and destination content for the African diaspora.

3. Ellie Cleary – AKA @soultravelblog

Often traveling with her partner Ravi, Ellie Cleary is the face behind the Soul Travel lens – and has already been shortlisted for a Responsible Tourism Award.

Currently in Scotland, Ellie and Ravi worked on a farm while waiting for the pandemic. They befriended animals like Norwegian deer and horses, working for the family that owns the land.

Soul Travel has partnered with sustainable local brands to educate their followers on the best lodges to frequent when traveling to see the world’s rarest animals, like the Bengal tiger in India.

4. Wendy – AKA @nomadicfare

Wendy, also known as Nomadic Fare, is a traveler who has been almost everywhere and takes amazing photos while doing it.

Wendy also made us dream of vacationing during the pandemic with her backlog of content from her trips to Switzerland and Morocco. She had fun with her blog, using a Parisian setting for a garden photoshoot and living her best life safely.

Currently in the Maldives, Wendy has partnered with the brand Travel and leisure to educate their followers on the most sustainable and luxurious stays when they visit the Maldives to protect the Indian Ocean.

Wendy has also been very transparent with her followers about travel during COVID-19 and has even shown proof of her negative tests.

5. Jazzmine Raine – AKA @jazzmineraine

With a career spanning over 10 years in local development, Jazzmine Raine has traveled the world in an effort to educate people on how they can take care of “Mama Earth”.

With a focus on sanitation and water conservation, Jazzmine has traveled across Central and South America, Australia, parts of Africa and currently resides in India.

In India, Jazzmine worked on garbage cleanup with Himalayan conservation groups and bought a farm to start a more sustainable life.

Jazzmine continues to set goals, including mentoring young environmental leaders and offsetting its carbon footprint.

6. Lola Mendez – AKA @lolamendez

Co-founder of latinas love to travel, journalist and avid traveler Lola Mendez is a traveler who sits at the intersection of luxury and sustainability.

Among travel articles, Lola often uses captions to promote sustainable destinations and ways to connect with the local community as you travel the world.

While traveling, Lola is always looking to find hidden destinations that foster sustainable travel in unexpected ways, such as traveling in the third passenger car ever to be installed in Rio de Janeiro, which transits to Sugar Loaf Mountain where waste is collected and processed. in compost.

7. Oneika Raymond – AKA @oneikatraveller

Oneika Raymond is a travel influencer and broadcast journalist whose story is just as colorful as her.

Often decked out in colors or prints, Oneika uses its platform to promote travel with grace and remind its followers that expecting non-English speaking nations to receive your English with ease is “cheesy as hell.” .

When not posting segments of her work on television, Oneika is keen to educate her subscribers on how to get the most out of travel ethically and promote travel tips that can earn you money. time and money.

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