The memo | Forbes: Charge faster than Tesla; Setting and daylight saving time kill deer

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The future of work

Women make up the majority of the world’s graduate workforce, yet employers still struggle to retain them, let alone promote them to leadership positions. The same old barriers to success remain: flexible working (or lack thereof) is holding back another generation of talented female leaders.

This week saw the launch of The best women-friendly companies in the worldForbes’ annual global ranking of companies that help women thrive. As Lorraine Hariton, President and CEO of Catalyst, a global nonprofit accelerating progress for women through workplace inclusion, puts it:

“It’s more impactful for women, but I like to say that workplaces that work for women work for everyone.”

5 things we learned

New material could remove CO2 from coal-fired power plants. Aluminum fornate has shown the potential to filter and separate harmful gases emitted from coal-fired power plants. The technology is in its infancy but could be transformative in the developing world, where coal continues to be an important fuel source.

The wrong people use wearables. According to a new study from the American Heart Association, people with cardiovascular disease and over the age of 50 are the least likely to benefit from fitness trackers and smartwatches. Market leaders Apple and Fitbit are investigating the potential longer-term benefits of using wearables to improve health. The

UK’s newest EV charger is almost 50% faster than Tesla’s Supercharger. Braintree near London is home to next-generation chargers that can add 100 miles of range in less than 5 minutes. The catch: there are very few cars on the market that can charge that fast.

Netflix can choose your next vacation for you. “Setjetting” is the next big thing in travel – the new term for how our streaming habits now influence our travel decisions. From the colonial locations of The Crown to Daejeon, the backdrop of The Squid Game, What We Watch Online is rewriting the rules of travel.

DST is linked to nearly 37,000 deer deaths. The annual clock change is linked to an increase in car accidents, killing more than 30 people each year and ending the lives of tens of thousands of bambi’s besties.


New RSV vaccine shows promising results. After malaria, RSV is the biggest killer of young infants in the world. Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer has asked regulators for approval to roll out the new vaccine later this year. Children’s hospitals across America and Europe are struggling to cope with an increase in RSV infections after the closures.

The bad

Shanghai Disneyland guests were locked in the park. Customers were reportedly barred from leaving until they provided a negative test result, after tough restrictions were announced. The resort remains closed to new guests until further notice. Locked up in Disneyland, a dream for some, a real nightmare for others.

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To taste

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