The hilarious reviews of London Zoo left by disgruntled Americans on TripAdvisor who thought it was a ‘practical joke’

Heading to the zoo might not be everyone’s idea of ​​a fun day out, but if you have young children, it’s definitely a great way to keep them entertained. Located in Regents Park, London Zoo has over 20,000 animals to discover and is said to be the oldest scientific zoo in the world. It’s not every day you get to get out in the wild and see exotic animals, especially in London, but it seems our friends overseas weren’t impressed.

A TripAdvisor user from Maryland thought someone was playing a prank on him due to both the lack of animals and the exorbitant ticket price. “Small zoo with a small number of animals, almost all unseen on a beautiful June morning. It was like a prank, except I had paid $40 (30 pounds) for my single entry2, they said. “There were a number of cheerful signs to tell me what I didn’t see. Beautiful fish in the tank, and they couldn’t hide. A long walk from the subway station.”

It seems his thoughts on the attraction aren’t too different from those of Connecticut user FLB who believed US zoos reign supreme over those here: “The gorilla exhibit is pathetic. It is dilapidated, the windows have painted leaves which make it difficult to see animals. The worst is that it costs 30 pounds per adult! They have to visit the San Diego Zoo in California to see what a zoo should look like.

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The zoo is said to have a large number of animals to visit

Cody from Connecticut agreed that US zoos were much better than in the UK and almost felt sorry that it was the best we had to offer: “This zoo is very expensive for what it is. Maybe since I’m American and have visited zoos in the US, maybe I’m not used to the UK. But, what I paid, and the quantity/quality of the park, is not, in my opinion, a bargain. If you’re from the US I’d recommend avoiding this zoo as you can see so much better for less when you get home. But, I don’t know if this is your best option if you live in the UK? »

Ok, we get it, zoos in America are bigger and cheaper, but surely there must be something the UK does better than the US in terms of zoos? Melissa from New Jersey certainly thinks so, giving it four out of five stars. But – it’s thanks to Harry Potter and in general she seemed to agree with her fellow Americans about the state of the zoo: “The ONLY reason I came here is because of the Harry Potter scene filmed here. I’m a HUGE HUGE HUGE Potter fan. Otherwise, if you’re American, don’t waste your time or money. Go to a zoo in America. We had the London Pass so it was included in that but if it hadn’t been I would have felt completely ripped off as the entry price is very expensive. Half of the exhibits were closed or simply had no animals. They had an interesting “show” of healing a lion…we don’t really do stuff like that in America, so that was pretty cool. Like I said, if you’re from America, I wouldn’t really waste your money unless you had a specific reason to go. Nothing very different from our zoos. I was delighted by the Harry Potter aspect so I don’t regret it but if that doesn’t make sense to you then skip it.

And finally, Robert from Orlando was desperate for the lack of animals but at least there were sloths: “The big animals were taken out so that was disappointing. Bears are my favorite and there were no bears. They are at another remote location that is hard to get to so no bueno. No elephants. But there are giraffes and big cats, so the “big animal” standard only applies to some I guess. Never mind… again. I try to remember the good parts. A monkey had a baby and it was cute. The sloths in the rainforest exhibit were awesome as we were very close to them and one of them had a baby. I love sloths!”

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