The future of The Gambia clearly lies in tourism. Why the odds

The beautiful Tamala Beach resort is located on the beautiful Atlantic coast

Let’s take a look at the smallest country in Africa. Until 2020, The Gambia was very popular with Europeans and especially British guests, Germans also liked it very much. Tour operators Thomas Cook (until it went bankrupt in 2020) and FTI had successfully included Africa’s smallest country in their programs, and now efforts are being made to bring back the good times and increase occupancy. with more European customers.

A closer look at the beautiful Tamala Beach Resort on one of the best beaches in The Gambia shows why this can be successful.

The spacious resort offers a kilometer-long sandy beach, some of which have a similar color structure to the beaches of Lanzarote, as well as an extraordinarily spacious swimming pool with plenty of swimming areas. Most of the spacious suites have sea views, others have lovely gardens, and many even have access to one of the private pools from their own terraces. Several restaurants, a bar and a fitness center complete the offer for upscale holidaymakers. Guarded private car park. The rooms are very tastefully decorated and above all they offer a lot of space and always have their own terrace. Internet is very fast everywhere and the price level for food and drink is European, but reasonable.

In 2020, a difficult period has arrived for the Tamala Beach Resort. The hotel, which was very well used and popular until 2020, had also been hit hard by the global pandemic – as have hundreds of thousands of other hotels and accommodation companies around the world.

However, it was apparently thanks to the astute marketing director Oleg from Latvia that the hotel did not have to close its doors. On the contrary, Marketing Director Oleg consistently and successfully transformed the target group and customer structure of the hotel, which was previously focused on the European market.

Social media has been replaced by local marketing and promotion campaigns, for example in neighboring Senegal or Nigeria. Suddenly many more wealthy Africans have come to this exquisite beach hotel, which is ideally located and shines with its high-end amenities. In Africa, too, there are extremely wealthy vacationers who, however, usually stay much shorter, as do the British, Germans, Austrians or Swiss.

There are also extremely creditworthy holidaymakers in Africa, who generally stay much shorter, as the Germans, Austrians or Swiss take care of. So there are now discussions between airlines, tour operators and hotels, from when there will again be direct flights from London, Frankfurt or Zurich to Banjul. The great advantages of The Gambia aside from the very friendly population are the freedom to walk around The Gambia without masks and corona measurements in a stress-free manner long unknown. In my eyes, it is really not valued enough …


I now have an appointment with one of Tamala’s experienced employees, Modou. He has been on board since the hotel opened in 2018 and has seen the development and vivid change in the clientele structure since 2020 with a lot of heart and soul.

Modou, can you introduce yourself and your hotel? “

“My name is Modou Sarr, 33 years old and I am the Room Division Manager at Tamala Beach Resort. Tamala Beach Resort is our premier flagship hotel and one of six REAL hotels. When we recently opened we were doing business in 2018 with Thomas Cook Northern Europe and the UK market and a few other European tour operators and the local market. It was going perfectly fine until Thomas Cook went bankrupt. In addition to the low season we had a lot guests from FTI … until 2020. But thank God we are still keeping this beautiful station because the product is great. And now we have a very good August 2021, so we did not expect a few months ago … “

Olivier :
“Incredible Modou. How did Tamala Beach Resort get started? “

“The hotel is still operating at 90-100% occupancy, even from the first day of 2018. It is the preferred hotel for the European market and locals. Since our opening it has been operating at a very good rate of occupation until the arrival of COVID. “

Olivier :
“Then came the fateful year 2020, how did last year go? “

“Last year has started well and we thought it would be the best season we have ever had, but the Covid-19 has come and destroyed all our hopes and took away our joy. But we did not give up . We fought.. With good hope for the future … “

Olivier :
“Modou, I see …, how did you act in the year of crisis 2020 and 2021?”

“We have to be really thankful that the local market is working. Thanks to our marketing team who are doing an extremely wonderful job …”

Olivier :
“I see it, yes! Modou, since then, the structure of the clientele has probably changed enormously, hasn’t it? ? What do you attribute this success to? “

“The hotel owners have a lot of plans for the future. I am sure they will continue to give Gambians as many jobs as possible. Currently more than 220 people work for The Tamala Beach Resort in the future. even more. For the REAL hotels there were about 700 employees working in January 2020. Yes, we are starting to receive reservations from some tour operators, but in these unprecedented times … It’s hard to really know what the future holds. I’m not sure we would be busy even if we were to make it through peak season. Tamala expects to welcome the Europeans again at the start of peak season at the end of October if all goes well. “

Olivier :
“Now let’s take a look at the hoteliers’ plans for the future. I now hear rumors that the Europeans will come back. When does the Tamala Beach Resort expect the return of German, Luxembourgish, Austrian or Swiss guests?

“Indeed, hotel owners and managers have a lot of plans for the future. Yet we are starting to receive bookings from some tour operators, but in these unprecedented times, it’s hard to really know what the future holds. I’m not sure we’ll be even busy if we want to have peak season Tamala expects to welcome peak season again at the end of October if all goes well.

Olivier :
“What are your expectations for the Tamala Beach Resort hotel for the years 2025 – 2030?”

“I expect a decade of boom. Between 2025-30, I think we will have to build more rooms as the demand for vacations in our beautiful place will increase dramatically …”

Olivier :
“Sounds great. Good luck to The Gambia, Tamala Beach Resort and you. Thanks for the interview.”


After many conversations with locals, Brighton-based scout Frank Mueller also wants to explicitly promote The Gambia once again. Mueller, who has a long history of dealing with West Africa: “People are really happy with travelers and visitors from UK and Europe. As there are no raw materials in The Gambia and the education is not really convincing either, the country’s hardship could be greatly alleviated if more tourists came to the country. “The expert continues:” At the same time, the security situation is resolutely positive; I haven’t heard of anyone stolen or even stolen yet. So it’s time to visit The Gambia, the smiling coast of Africa.

The Gambia dormant … while waiting for the tourist rush.

We feel that people are happy when they can get in touch with the world and foreigners are interested in the smallest country in Africa …

So welcome to Gambia, the ‘Smiling Coast of Africa’ ❤️

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