Tanzania: Envoy from Brazil – Promoting Island Platform Diving

In efforts to promote sea sports here, Honorary Consul General of Brazil in Zanzibar Abdulswamad Abdulrahim pledged to support young people engaged in the sports “Jump in the sea and swim”, a famous entertainment on the public beach of Forodhani in Stone Town.

The young boys of the islands normally play, run and jump into the sea in the morning and at sunset in the evening, an entertainment named “Makachu” attracts hundreds of visitors and tourists who visit the seafront of Forodhani.

“I want you to develop this sport. We need to find ways to help you do it better to minimize the risk of accidents such as drowning and rocks in the sea,” the honorary ambassador said during the distribution of food to the young members of the new registrants. ‘Association of Makachu or Zanzibar Divers for Pleasure.’

He said “Makachu” sports can also be used to promote domestic and international tourism in Zanzibar.

The youngsters, said Dr Mwinyi, playing in Makachu have done a great job of showcasing their talents and experiences in water sports, making Zanzibar a unique place for tourists.

He added that such unique events are witnessed worldwide through social media which promote Zanzibar tourism and culture in various countries.

The Ambassador said that in an effort to uplift young people, he continues to seek various donors to build a special pavilion for them, installing a ladder (for jumping), and his goal is to ensure that every young person benefits from health insurance, and swimsuits, to motivate them and others.

He explained that the game ‘Makachu’ by young people is rare or does not exist at all in other countries, “It is high time to evaluate the Game so that young people are built on the intellectual capacity to make known opportunities for water sports”.

The Honorary Ambassador also donated Iftar (rice, wheat flour and cooking oil) to the group which aimed to help them meet their needs, given that during the holy month of Ramadan, Muslims use the month to offer charity and do more good deeds. of worship.

He also pointed out that President Hussein Ali Mwinyi recognizes that the Makachu game is played by young people and also suggested the promotion of safety and discipline among young people.

In another development, the honorary ambassador accompanied the swimmers to visit their sick colleague Ahmed Abdallah Hemed, a young man from Mombasa, who had become paralyzed while performing the Makachu game some 4 years ago .

The parents of the sick boy said their child suffered a neck injury during the game and was paralyzed.

“He received medical treatment at home and in India, but did not recover. We advised him to travel to Thailand for treatment, but he was unable to cover the high transport costs because he had to have 50,000 US dollars for the treatment.

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