Storms and Heritage Days – Alliance Times-Herald

Box Butte Development Company:

• Business retention and expansion visit carried out.

• Hosted “Perfect Mix with BBDC” with a guest speaker from REAP (Rural Enterprise Assistance Project) to learn more about additional resources for home loans, small business loans and “express” loans. Contact the BBDC or the Rural Affairs Center at 402-687-2100 for more information.

• Organization of a meeting with the interim president of the WNCC, John Marrin.

• Attended the monthly ARC meeting to discuss the new Runza restaurant.

• Design submission for the 2022 Nebraska Travel Guide.

• BBDC Bulletin attached.


• Friday evening thunderstorms (7/9) caused numerous problems on the electrical system. Electrical staff worked through the night and all day on Saturday to restore power to most customers. Sunday was also devoted to fixing the problems and restoring electricity for the remaining customers. We spent most of the week reattaching home services and putting fallen or damaged street lights back on line.


• The recovery from the storm was the main focal point of the week with problems on the rodeo grounds with damage to the stands and the arena fence. We sustained extensive damage to the windows, siding and roofs of the building, as well as to the fencing, signage at the airfield and additional damage to the FBO gate.

• Work at the door of the fixed base operator (FBO) was completed on Wednesday July 13th.

• We continue to work on law enforcement operations and airport security plans.

• Staff completed an inventory of signs and created a maintenance plan for budget and planning purposes. We are currently working on a similar plan for the marking of aerodromes (painting).


• Staff are developing computer coding courses for youth that will begin this fall.

• The Wonka Bar competition ended with over 1,000 bars sold. There were 17 Heritage Days bracelet winners. We plan to make it an annual program because of its success.

Swimming pool:

• Cleaned up the pool and surrounding area after the storm and removed damaged umbrella covers.

• Organization of several pool parties.


• Spent a good part of the week cleaning up branches and other debris in the parks; Place the outfield fence vertically at Bower Park. Several large trees will need to be removed by a contractor.

• Relocation of bleachers and picnic tables as needed for Heritage Days events.

• Preparations begin for the District Baseball Tournament at Bower Field next weekend.


• It has been a CHARGED year as evidenced by increased sales and the need to replenish inventory.


• Staff spent the week cleaning up after the storm. Staff started work at 3am on Saturday morning and worked diligently to repair hail damage on greens and remove downed branches and trees ahead of the Member Guest tournament. This required individual manual work on all the large hail tracks as well as all of the greens. By the time the tournament started the course was in great condition, especially considering the severe thunderstorms the night before.


• Staff assisted at several class meetings by providing information and photos for each group.

• Upgraded and stocked the Gift Shop with Museum and Carhenge items.


• Coordination and coverage of Heritage Days with distribution and patrol. Almost all of the staff worked 6 or more days in a row with overtime to cover the event.

• Presentation of the department’s new Beat program to Rotary.

• Meet with the Lions Club to get feedback on our community efforts.

• Assisted the Clerk’s Office by performing background checks of all peddler permits in an effort to ensure the safety of our citizens. One applicant had an outstanding warrant.

Communautary development:

• 716 Big Horn has been razed. The contractor will repair and replace any concrete damaged during the demolition and recovery utilities.

• Approved 27 new roofing contractors who are new to Alliance following the storms of last weekend. Please contact City Hall if you have any questions regarding your roofing contractor license.

Public works:

• Response to downed trees and other damage caused by the storms of July 9th. Crews worked throughout the weekend to restore travel lanes, remove downed trees and sweep the streets.

• Tree collection will continue until it is complete. Citizens can continue to leave green waste from the storm curbside until next weekend (July 25), or they can take it to the landfill for free until Saturday, July 24. As a result, the landfill treats much more waste than normal due to the handling of felled trees as well as ordinary municipal waste. The sweeper also goes the extra mile to clean excess leaves and branches from curbs.

• Several projects are underway, including the Burlington Avenue paving project, the Big Horn aqueduct project, and the lift station A project.

• The public works building expansion project is continuing with the installation of an exterior cladding of the building.

• Public Works continues to support Heritage Days by ensuring street closures and daily garbage collection downtown.

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