Steve Harvey discourages Africans wishing to travel abroad; Said “America ain’t what you think it is”

  • Steve Harvey has issued an impassioned appeal to young Africans wishing to travel abroad, especially to the United States, to reconsider their decision.
  • According to the African American comedian, life seems extremely better in Ghana and other parts of Africa for a black person compared to abroad
  • He gave an example of how you never hear in Africa of people being stopped by the police on the road and shot

World famous American comedian, Steve Harveyspoke in a recent interview where he answered questions about his experience in Ghana which brought up some interesting revelations.

In an excerpt from the video that is making the rounds on social media, Steve can be heard discouraging young Africans from abandoning their homelands in search of greener pastures.

According to him, America is not what most young Africans perceive because people like him want to live in places like Ghana where they will feel safe forever.

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Photos of American comedian Steve Harvey speaking
Photos of American comedian Steve Harvey speaking Photo credit: @SteveHarveyFM via
Source: UGC

“All young Africans want to come to America. But what I will say to them is, ‘Are you sure you want to be in there?’ It’s not what you think it is. You don’t “You will never hear in Ghana that the police shot someone after arresting them. We should go home instead. Not the other way around,” he said.

How social media is reacting to this

Steve’s words drew massive reactions, especially on TikTok.

Here are some of the comments from netizens.

@Realscott #Teenwolf commented:

Why don’t Ghanaians like the police? The day they stop taking the only cedis you will wish they did.

user628169278358 said:

$100 equals approximately 700 GHS! And 700 cedis is a lot for Ghanaians. But you’re right, no rote shot

Aisha Bangs said:

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God bless you sir tell them go home we have people who left their homeland for over 40 to 40 years they never come back home

Watch the video below

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