Sportsmen’s Stop “right on target” for its fifth anniversary

By March 3, 2022 12:43 p.m.

NEVADA—A local business is “pulling” for a strong turnout when it celebrates its fifth anniversary next month.

The Sportsmen’s Stop, a hunter’s shelter located at 2733 County Highway 330, will mark the occasion April 1-2 with new merchandise as well as an opportunity for sports fans to meet several gun and shooting dealers. bow,” said owner Levi Abbott.

“We basically carry everything needed for hunting and shooting, everything a hunter or shooter would need,” said Abbott, an avid hunter himself and a graduate of Wynford High School in 2015.
“That’s what we do for a living, sharing our passion for the outdoors.”

Abbott and his father, Rob, opened the Sportsmen’s Stop in 2017 after buying a gun store of the same name in Elmore, Ohio. It is also the site of an auction house run by the elder Abbott and his late father, George, for over 25 years.

The 10,000 square foot warehouse – located just off old Route 30 – carries firearms and ammunition, bows and arrows, boots, clothing and safety supplies, Abbott said. They also sell targets, tools, safes, and even a range of camping and outdoor gear.

The Sportsmen’s Stop also has an archery range and one of the only indoor shooting ranges in north-central Ohio, Abbott said. The three 75-foot-long bays are perfect for target practice, he said, while providing shooters with the comfort of a controlled environment.

Abbott is a natural fit for the family business. He grew up hunting with his father and caught his first deer when he was just six years old.
“We’ve done it all our lives, with guns and shooting, and it moved to auctions and then to the gun store.”

For the anniversary, Abbott said, the Sportsmen’s Stop will host a “major dealer day” featuring Winchester and Browning firearms dealers, as well as top archery manufacturers such as PSE, Bear and Elite. Archery, and other smaller retailers.

Abbott said the operation regularly draws customers from Wyandot and surrounding counties and as far away as Findlay. “Business has been great. We continue to grow every year. We are already running out of space,” he said.

“We hope to grow in the future. Our goal is to always keep growing and expanding, but at the same time try not to get too big, lose that mommy and pop feeling, that hometown feeling.

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