Spiritual healer Ashley “Icy” Mikell offers the Aphrodite Love collection as part of a growing menu of products and services

Ashley “Icy” Mikel

Mikell’s mission is to educate about spirituality and its many forms while debunking taboos and misinformation.

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, USA, Feb. 2, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Ashley “Icy” Mikell, whose Harmonic Bliss Wellness provides spiritual healing through tarot readings (spiritual counseling), reiki (energy healing ), hypnosis (thought reprogramming), vibrational medicine (sound healing) and pseudoscientific alternative medicine (crystal healing), now offers an Aphrodite Love collection, which includes a blend of organic oils infused with herbs; coconut milk and Himalayan pink salt bath; reed diffusers; and hand-poured, reiki-infused soy wax candles.

The Aphrodite Love Collection is one of many offerings from Harmonic Bliss that infuse self-care and self-love. It’s also a natural extension of the company’s growing menu of metaphysical products and spiritual services, including private in-person healing sessions.

Mikell will travel to gatherings like birthdays, workplace wellness, and retreats, and will personalize her services based on clients’ needs, which may include spiritual counseling, energy healing, vibrational medicine, and pseudoscientific alternative medicine. . Through her practice and at events, Mikell instantly connects with her clients, fostering self-awareness while delivering transformational healings. A psychic counselor and healer, she helps bring the unseen to light so clients can live wholeheartedly with intention.

Through his thoughtful insight and nurturing approach, Mikell delivers powerful healings with remarkable brilliance in areas such as identifying spiritual distress, clearing karmic blockages, restoring spiritual balance, cultivating knowledge, discovering psychic gifts and more.

Mikell said his mission and that of Harmonic Bliss Wellness is to introduce and educate those who are called to spirituality and its many forms, while debunking taboos and misinformation about our sacred connection to the universe. and the spirit. Its purpose is to encourage spiritual expansion, self-healing, conscious judgments and awareness, and to raise the vibration of the Earth while providing the highest quality, sustainable and ethically infused metaphysical tools positive intentions and lots of love.

“When you book a service, purchase a product, make a donation, or share your interest on social media, you are helping to uplift humanity while simultaneously supporting a small, woman-led African American family business,” Mikel said.

Mikell noted that while spirituality is growing in popularity, especially among Millennials and Gen Z members, all interested parties need to be aware of scammers and illegitimate practitioners. There are reliable resources that people can learn from to ensure that they are not taken advantage of.

A licensed esthetician in California, Mikell is currently studying nutrition and cellular regeneration through food. In the near future, she hopes to add regenerative health programs to the services she offers and eventually plans to open a flagship site where she can also provide spa services.

Through her schooling, Mikell regained her earliest memories of massaging her mother’s feet as a child. During her studies in aesthetics, she learned about energy transfers, herbalism and the importance of healing through touch. This is also where she developed her intuitive skills.

Mikell continued to provide full-time healing services through spirituality during the pandemic after seeing a shortage of support for those who did not have access to therapeutic services.

“Times have shown a need for basic human compassion, and I’ve been fortunate enough to build a community of sustenance and approval through my YouTube channel,” said Mikell, who has since built a following as a as a social media influencer.

Mikell has attracted over 30,000 YouTube subscribers to his Tarotbyicy channel. Harmonic Bliss can also be followed on Instagram (@harmonic.bliss) and Twitter (@indigoicyy).

Mikell’s clients include people from all walks of life, including musicians whose works have reached the Billboard top 100, professional NBA and NFL athletes, social media influencers, celebrity hairstylists, founders entrepreneurs and cryptocurrency innovators.

“I helped them all strategize and maintain successful businesses,” she said.

To learn more about Mikell and the services she provides, visit harmonicblisswellness.com.


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