Snake bites Dutchman’s penis on South Africa safari

This is possibly one of the worst case scenarios for a man on a safari in South Africa with his penis being bitten.

A 47 year old Dutchman while on vacation in South Africa went to a bathroom and let’s just say the snake bit more than it could chew. The South African quotes a report from Urology case reports where the unnamed man was sitting on a toilet seat when a snake hit and bit his genitals.

The snake species has been identified as the snouted cobra (Naja annulifera) and waited three long hours to be transported by helicopter to the nearest trauma center, 350 kilometers away.

The man reportedly felt a burning sensation in his genitals and pain that ran through his groin to his side, upper chest and abdomen. He also reportedly vomited but had no neurological symptoms.

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“On arrival at [the] at the hospital he is known to be hemodynamically stable, fully conscious and to have swollen genitals with a dark purple discoloration, indicating scrotal necrosis, ”the report said.

He received several doses of medicine to treat his wound and was admitted to intensive care for observation five hours later. During her first week in the hospital, “the necrotic defect in her genitals stabilized, at which point a urologist performed surgical debridement,” the report says.

The man was repatriated to the Netherlands on the ninth day, as he still had symptoms of an infection of the penis. Like a fever, which then led a plastic surgeon to perform a penile rod debridement.

The report contains pictures of the progress of the penile sores and within a year the sores healed well, as “the function and feel of the penis had fully recovered.”

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