Slutty Vegan’s Pinky Cole Talks About Vegan Comfort Food, Community, And Being A New Mom


Giving back to various communities is obviously very important to you. What are your future charitable projects? What are some things that you are involved in right now that you want to talk about?

In 2019, I started the Pinky Cole Foundation, and it was really a way to bridge the generational wealth gap and formalize the fact that I love helping people. So, so far I have done so much. When Rayshard Brooks was murdered in a parking lot at Wendy’s, I partnered with Clark University in Atlanta to provide full scholarships for the kids, life insurance, and a brand new car for the family. I partnered with the Steve Harvey and Marjorie Harvey Foundation to provide lights to families in Atlanta in need. I donated fruits and vegetables [and coats] to the community.

I partnered with Impossible Foods to get people excited about the last election we just had. We awarded scholarships and paid the balances of 30 students at Clark Atlanta University. And so many things we’ve done, but what we’re doing right now, myself and Derek Hays, who owns a local business in Atlanta, we’re getting life insurance for every black man they don’t have. not to pay for. So we pay for the policies. They just pick the beneficiary and keep their policies, but we encourage people to get life insurance. And the reason I do what I do when it comes to the community is because I am successful because the community has made me successful.

So wherever I place Slutty Vegan I make sure I create that ecosystem for people to want to grow, thrive, whether they are entrepreneurs, business owners, or people who just want to be. more financially stable. And this piece feels good. Money is great, selling burgers and pies and fries, but what’s even better is knowing that I can make an impact in the community using my platform and resources.


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