Skal International pays tribute to the significant contributions of women to the tourism industry around the world

Today, Burcin Turkkancurrent Global President of Skal International, is the seventh woman to hold this position since 2002, a clear indication that women have finally been recognized for their talents and leadership ability, thus successfully penetrating tourism and corporate leadership in the global level.

Other women to hold the position of President of Skal International were Litsa Papathanassi, 2006-2007, Greece; Hulya Aslantas, 2009-2010, Turkey; Karine Coulanges2013-2014, France; Suzanne Saari2017-2018, Finland and Lavonne Wittmann2018-2019, South Africa.

Asked about the impact of her leadership role on her life and career, Skal International President Turkkan said, “Serving as the seventh and youngest female president of one of the world’s largest travel and of tourism in the world that has existed for more than eight decades is a real honour. More than anything, I am proud to be the first female president of United States on the Board of Directors of Skal International. With this role comes great responsibility, especially during the most unprecedented times we are currently experiencing, due to the residual impact of the pandemic and the recent armed conflict initiated by the Russian invasion of Ukraine.”

“Representing over twelve thousand members worldwide, primarily decision makers from forty different job categories within the travel and tourism industry, requires working harder and smarter during these times to support our members and their businesses in a professional manner while collaboratively addressing global issues in our industry. is confronted. Currently, SI is working to show solidarity and support to our clubs adjacent to Ukraine who provide humanitarian aid to thousands of Ukrainian refugees crossing borders Europe,” added Burcin TurkkanPresident, Skal International.

According to the second edition of UNWTO’s Global Report on Women in Tourism (2019), approximately 54% of those employed in the travel and tourism industry are women, compared to 39% in the wider economy. .

“As a female leader in the travel industry and a mom, it breaks my heart to see the suffering of children, the evacuation of families and fathers, mothers, and even single women taking up arms Ukraine. Even though this is a peacemaking issue that Skal International is supposed to resolve diplomatically, what is happening in Ukraine is also a women’s issue to be addressed on Women’s Day 2022. I call on all women, especially those at Skal International, to join all of our Skålleagues in helping affected families through this crisis. Efforts by Skal clubs adjacent to Ukrainein particular our club of Bucharest, Romania, are to be congratulated. The Skal Club of Bucharest is organizing to help Ukrainian refugees in this city, which already has more than 100,000 people. Skal International unites to offer this humanitarian aid“, noted Burcin TurkkanPresident, Skal International.

Skal International strongly advocates for safe global tourism focused on its benefits – “happiness, good health, friendship and long life”. Since its inception in 1934, Skål International has been the world’s leading organization of tourism professionals, promoting global tourism through friendship, bringing together all sectors of the travel and tourism industry.

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