Six Flags is welcoming a wild new menagerie this spring

Things are looking up this spring at Six Flags Wild Safari, where three new baby giraffes and other endangered wildlife have been born since last season.

The popular driving adventure reopens Saturday, March 19 on the Jersey Shore. The 350-acre wildlife preserve will debut with new animals, memorable upgrades for guests, increased capacity and a new audio tour, park officials said.

Three adorable and graceful giraffes were born on the safari this winter and join the ‘tower’ (group) of 13 safari giraffes. Native to Africa, the giraffe is the largest land mammal on the planet. They can be up to 17 feet tall and weigh 1,500 to 3,000 pounds. Giraffes are considered “vulnerable to extinction”;

Other spring animal additions include:

Six-year-old Sawyer joins three adult females southern white rhino in the Afrikka section of the safari. Sawyer and his fellow rhinos are one of the world’s last “mega-herbivores” – a large animal that eats mostly plants.

Two water buffaloes – Two adorable Asian water buffaloes join the Afrikka section. Although they bear some similarities to their African cousins, Cape buffaloes, they are domestic animals.

Two young sable antelope – This striking, horse-like African antelope has a bushy tail, mane and impressive ringed horns that curve like a scimitar.

Two baby red lechwe calves – Identifiable by its reddish fur, white-rimmed eyes, and tall horns reaching up to three feet in length, this type of antelope is typically found near watery areas in Zambia and Botswana and is considered a “quasi-species threatened” in the wild.

Throughout the spring, guests can expect to see additional babies, including American bison, zebras, aoudads, kangaroos, dama gazelles, blackbucks and more, according to a spokeswoman. Six Flags.

Safari improvements include:

A new audio tour – Customers can immerse themselves in the animal world with a new audio tour. Energetic narrators will present 11 simulated natural habitats featuring over 70 different species of animals. The audio tour is free and can be streamed from any mobile device.

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