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Sejal Jain is making her way as one of the richest fashion and lifestyle influencers

Posted on September 3, 2021

For any outfit inspiration, Instagram is the ultimate destination. Whether it’s the shopping videos or the #OOTD and #OOTN posts, fashion influencers have been a guide for many people on the web space. Make the perfect mix of creative, inspiring and relevant posts; influencer Sejal Jain is constantly killing the wardrobe game. Always setting style trends, Sejal has a knack for choosing vibrant outfits for any occasion. Popularly known as “GlamProtocol” on the gram, Sejal Jain’s chic and elegant personality has left audiences in awe of his fashion game.

Interestingly, Sejal Jain is a physiotherapist. It was her love for fashion that saw the influencer dive deep into the blogosphere. Whether it’s a crop top paired with denim shorts, a thigh-slit dress or a floral-print dress, the influencer knows very well how to turn the tide with her glamorous style. For fashion enthusiasts, style is more about comfort. “If you’re uncomfortable with what you’re wearing, that’s where half of your confidence is gone. Being comfortable is the first rule of fashion, ”quotes Sejal.

While Sejal’s strong suit mainly lies in fashion and lifestyle, she is also an avid traveler. By exploring different destinations around the world, the influencer documents her experiences and shares them with her followers on social networks. Sadly, around the time of COVID-19, many of Sejal’s travel plans were canceled. As the situation improves, Sejal Jain plans to jump from place to place soon.

When asked how she treated her contemporaries and other lifestyle and fashion influencers, Sejal Jain had an interesting response. “Reality is the only constant in this ever-changing world of virtual space. I have been authentic with the content I create and always strive to improve my game as a content creator, ”adds Sejal. The influencer started her journey seven years ago and says she still has a lot to accomplish.

As for her recent works, the influencer appeared in her first music video titled “Dil Toh Aisa Hai”. On top of that, the influencer has collaborated with some of the well-known brands like Lakme, L’Oréal, Liva, Samsung, Charles & Keith, Versace, Ponds, Renault and many more. His other plan is to collaborate with leading brands in different categories like travel, lifestyle, health and wellness.

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