Reddington Hospital prepares for plastic surgery to reduce medical tourism

Ahead of an official launch, the Reddington Hospital Group announced the establishment of a Bodycare Plastic Surgery Clinic at the Lagos Hospital.

The new center is the result of a collaboration between Reddington Hospital Group and Abuja Plastics, a renowned plastic surgery center in Nigeria. Combining an internationally accredited hospital with a renowned international plastic surgery team, the plastic surgery center is the first of its kind in Nigeria.

Speaking at a press conference at the Reddington Hospital Group Headquarters in Lagos, Reddington Hospital Chief Operating Officer Mr Emmanuel Matthews said the establishment of the Bodycare Center meets the aspirations of members demanding from the public for a professional, affordable, high quality and world class plastic surgery clinic in Nigeria and reduce the foreign currency spent by Nigerians on medical tourism in India, UAE, UK among others country.

Medical Director of Bodycare Plastic Surgery Clinic and Founder of Abuja Plastics, Dr. Stanley Okoro said the advanced medical technology and highly trained staff currently at Reddington Hospital provide a perfect synergy between Reddington and Abuja. Plastics to make Bodycare plastic surgery clinic plastic surgery. destination for Nigeria, Africa and the world in general.
Dr. Okoro, who has thriving plastic surgery clinics in Nigeria and Atlanta, Georgia, United States of America and has extensive experience in all areas of plastic surgery, said plastic surgery is very beautiful and safe if practiced by a team of professionals in the right environment.
Dr. Okoro is supported by a team of plastic surgeons and specialized doctors and nurses. A key member of the Bodycare team is Dr. Jennifer Cameron, an experienced plastic surgeon from Minnesota, USA.

According to Okoro, there is no need to travel overseas for excellence in cosmetic or reconstructive plastic surgery as the services are very well provided at Reddington Bodycare Plastic Surgery Clinic.

Further explaining, Resident Plastic Surgeon Dr. Cameron said Bodycare Clinic offers a wide range of cosmetic plastic surgery procedures for all areas of the body including face lifts, eyelid surgery, augmentation and breast reduction, butt lift, contouring and reduction, Botox treatments and many more including procedures for men such as tummy tuck, waist reduction etc. The center has already accepted its first patient who traveled from the UK for the procedure, she added.

The Bodycare team also provides corrective plastic surgery services as well as reconstructive services, providing solutions for birth defects such as cleft palate, treating burn victims and providing other specialist plastic surgeries.

The Bodycare Center is the latest innovation from the pioneering Reddington Hospital Group which has already opened many specialist healthcare facilities and recently opened the Duchess International Hospital at GRA Ikeja, an affordable, top quality hospital.

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