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Randy Johnson’s photo logo hilarious nods to bird incident originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

A photo of Randy Johnson went viral on Wednesday.

But it wasn’t the Hall of Fame pitcher’s playing days.

The photo, which was shared by @sophiekleeman on Twitter, Johnson was working on the sidelines as a photographer at an NFL game.

Turns out it’s not really a recent photo. It’s back in December 2011 during a game between the Dallas Cowboys and the Arizona Cardinals.

But the five-time Cy Young winner has indeed turned to photography since his 2010 retirement from Major League Baseball. Indeed, according to his Randy Johnson Photography websitephotography has been Johnson’s passion since he was a photojournalism student at USC In the 1980’s.

“My career as a Major League Baseball pitcher is well documented, but what isn’t as well known is my passion for photography, which began when I studied photojournalism at the University of California. du Sud from 1983 to 1985,” its website reads. “Baseball became my profession for two decades, but my love of photography never left me. After my retirement in 2010, I was able to focus on this passion again.”

Johnson’s photography isn’t limited to the sports world either. The 59-year-old traveled the world to capture footage of wildlife in african safaris, historical monuments like the Colosseum in Rome, and concerts played by megastars like Elton John. His work has even been featured in Rolling Stone and has been used on concert tour programs and posters.

What does the Randy Johnson Photography logo look like?

Johnson took some truly spectacular photos, but perhaps the best image on his website is the Randy Johnson Photography logo:

Did Randy Johnson kill a bird with a baseball?

Just in case you don’t understand the logo, Johnson infamously killed a bird with a pitch during a March 2001 spring training game in Arizona. The bird, which was a dove, flew straight into the path of a Johnson fastball after releasing it. the bird death from impact pace of almost 100 mph.

The odds of this happening were pegged by an associate professor at the University of Colorado in 2016 to “one in about 50 million over the past 20 years.”

Where does Randy Johnson rank among the greatest pitchers of all time?

Johnson is one of 24 pitchers with at least 300 career wins and ranks 22nd on the all-time list with 303 wins. His 4,785 career strikeouts ranks second to Nolan Ryan and his five Cy Young Awards are second to Roger Clemens.

Johnson, who played for the Montreal Expos, Seattle Mariners, Houston Astros, Arizona Diamondbacks, New York Yankees and San Francisco Giants in his 22-year career, he also won four ERA titles and the World Series MVP award in Arizona’s 2001 championship triumph.

What is Randy Johnson’s nickname?

Johnson, who is 6ft 10in tall, is known as “The Big Unit”.

Is Randy Johnson on Twitter?

Johnson doesn’t appear to be on Twitter. But you can follow his photographic work on rj51photos.com.

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