Pulse Influencer Awards 2021: Tug of war as influential women share the prizes

Although the categories are dominated by men, women have proven that their powers cannot be undermined, and they have confirmed this by dividing the distinctions.

Wife of a Ghanaian Afro-dancehall star Stonebwoy, Dr Louisa Ansong Satekla won “Health and Fitness Influencer of the Year”, popular lifestyle influencer Anne Kusi-Gyamfi won “Beauty and Lifestyle Influencer of the Year”, Ghanaian-Russian fashionista Anny won “Fashion Influencer of the Year”.

Other strong categories such as “Travel and Leisure Influencer of the Year”, “Artistic Influencer of the Year”, “YouTube Influencer of the Year”, “Podcast Influencer of the Year” and “TikTok Influencer of the Year”. the year ”were won by women.

Another tough “Instagram Influencer of the Year” category, which is envied by many nominees, was won by popular Instagram influencer, Janiece.

Finally, Kenyan TikTok and YouTube star Swiry Nyar Kano, known for using her platforms to project the positive image of Africa, won the “Positive Impact Influencer of the Year” award ( ‘a Pan-African award).

If you missed the winners, see the full list below:

Most influential actor of the year – Willie_chembez (William O. Lamptey)

Health and Fitness Influencer of the Year – @drlouisa_s (Dr Louisa)

Beauty and Lifestyle Influencer of the Year – @___cookie_xx (Anne Kusi-Gyamfi)

Fashion influencer of the year – @annyjustnow (ANNY Just now)

Travel and Leisure Influencer of the Year – @cycy_travels (Cycy Travel)

Food Influencer of the Year – @menscookgh (Catering cook for men)

Media influencer of the year – @Madeinghana (Made in Ghana)

Influencer Blogger of the Year – @ sikaofficial1 (SIKA OFFICIAL)

Sports influencer of the year – @NuhuAdams (Nuhu Adams)

Business Influencer of the Year – @parlenzy (Desmond Bredu)

Music influencer of the year – @stonebwoyb (Stonebwoy)

Artistic influencer of the year – @aewura_art (The lady in pencil)

Photo influencer of the year – –@Focusnblur (Focus and blur)

Dance influencer of the year – @liyadances (Liya)

Comedy Influencer of the Year – @_madeinghana_ (Made in Ghana)

LinkedIn Influencer of the Year – Gabriel Aryee

Influencer Podcast YearAmisdiaries (Ami Shikah)

Facebook Influencer of the Year – Stan belamour

Instagram influencer of the year – @ janiece.emefa (Janiece)

YouTube Influencer of the Year – @ama_gouverneur_ (Governor Ama)

Positive impact influencer of the year (this is a Pan-African award)

Twitter Influencer of the Year – @gyaigyimii (KALYJAY)

TikTok Influencer of the Year – @_asantewaaaa_ (Martina Dwamena)

Honorary Award – @whoopro (Whoopro)

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