Preparations complete! This tracked Porsche 356 is on its way to conquer Antarctica

Some cars traveled east to west, covering great distances on the way. This Porsche 356, however, did not only travel east to west, or north to south; he traveled on all continents except one on earth. Renée Brinkerhoff and her The Porsche 356s are now in the final days of preparation to conquer the cold continent from Antarctica at the start of the decade.

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A global rally to raise funds for a cause

Brinkerhoff bought his 1958 Porsche 356 A in 2013. Since then, it has taken part in various rallies in various parts of the world. A few years later, the Project 356 World Rally Tour was born with the aim of raising $ 1 million for a special cause: to raise awareness of its charity Valkyrie Racing which aims to help end traffic.

Launch of the Project 356 World Rally Tour at La Carrera Panamericana (North America). In 2018, Brinkerhoff drove the 356 at the Targa Tasmania (Oceania / Australia), then conquered the Andes during the Caminos Del Inca (South America). In 2019, she covered 36 days and 9,300 miles across Asia and Europe during the Beijing-Paris rally. His last trip was at the East African Safari Classic Rally.

Use of the two-year deadline for subsequent preparations

With all but one of the continents ticked off the list, all that’s left is to make the last trip – a 356 mile journey through Antarctica. The Project 356 World Rally Tour was supposed to complete the final test at the end of 2020. But for some reason Brinkerhoff had to postpone his conquest of the Last Frontier. She already has a date in mind – December 5, 2021 – almost two years from the initial plan.

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Brinkerhoff used the extra time to completely redesign his naturally aspirated 356 flat-six. Faced with the most difficult conditions imaginable, the 356 is now equipped with snow tracks and a pair of skis attached to the front. It is now also equipped with a single link suspension with coil spring shocks for the two tracks at the rear.

Interestingly, the 356’s skis and tracks are easily removable, making it easy to wind the spiked ice tires up using an inflatable air cylinder.

The Sprint Subzero will start on December 5th

Brinkerhoff, 65, and his team are now in Chile, which is just a little north of the immense continent of ice. Weather permitting, Brinkerhoff and his 356 will begin the sub-zero sprint on December 5, which will end before the end of 2021. British explorer Jason de Carteret will serve as his navigator.

Source: Porsche, Fox News

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