Part 2 | Melody Molale’s quintessential summer moments

Molale melody. (Image: Supplied)


The place of sunset: Chinchilla, the Great

The Couvoisier cocktail: The gala

The food: Greek

The music: Osama from Kasango and Zakes Bantwini; Summer Daze by Nick Holder and Sponono by Kabza by Small ft Wizkid, Burna Boy, Cassper Nyovest and Madumane

Digital lifestyle creator and Courvoisier ambassador, Melody Molale, dreams of returning to Greece this summer. “My ideal vacation would be a girls’ trip, starting in central Santorini to take in the wonderful views and relax, then arrive in Mykonos and enjoy the wonderful restaurants. The food is amazing! ” says Molale who says he has a slight obsession with Greece. “Oh my God! I went there in 2015 and absolutely obsessed, but I feel like I haven’t done it justice.

As a lifestyle influencer, travel is a passion and she recounts her most memorable summer vacations spent in Dubai and then in Paris in 2011 where she traveled with nine members of her family.

“It was such a beautiful trip. We ate meals and did some activities together and because we have different interests we would go our separate ways for other activities like shopping and sightseeing. As a member of a large family, Molale says she enjoys sharing moments and experiences with them. “I’ve always told myself that when I can travel with them, I will. And now I do. As soon as my parents could afford to travel and take us with my four brothers, we would all go as a large group – with the extended family too.

While Molale began her career in public relations, she always felt an affinity for fashion and actively sought out ways to enter the industry, but that had to take a step back as she graduated in public relations. “My parents said to me, ‘Get a real degree for a real job and then you can get into fashion.’ It was her mother (and grandmother) who inspired her love for fashion. “My mother was a seamstress and she always loved fashion. I love browsing her old photos and watching how she used to dress when she was younger. She was trendy and always had that glow around her and looked so happy.

Full length Molale melody.

As she gained work experience, she started blogging. “It was in 2011/12, before Instagram and you couldn’t really showcase your style on Twitter and Facebook, so blogging was important. Then, when Instagram first saw the light of day, it was much easier for me to express my passion and myself. Nineteen thousand followers later on Instagram, Molale is one of the most prolific South African influencers in the space, running campaigns for fashion, beauty and travel.

“If I could live anywhere, it would be in Paris. I love the culture and they are so forward thinking. I feel like I’m coming back to Paris in my next life. Maybe it’s also because I traveled there with my family, but I always felt that they had this undeniable sense of culture, and the people are also very welcoming… I would probably live in Mexico, ”she laughs.

And who wouldn’t? If you scroll down Molale’s Instagram, you’ll see enviable photos from a trip she took to Mexico in June for a friend’s birthday celebration. Sipping cocktails and dressed in summer glamor style in Los Cabos, Tulum, we want to know how a fashion and travel influencer prepares for a summer vacation?

“Don’t overload. Pack lightly so you can move quickly and be more flexible – and have room to shop! Your suitcase goes with you everywhere and it becomes cumbersome if it is really heavy or if you have too much luggage. Take a lot of bikinis; comfortable and quality apartments; and maxi dresses. Don’t pack jeans – you won’t wear them. And wear this pair of sneakers that you take with you on the flight. And maybe a pair of heels or wedge shoes for a fancy dinner or occasion.

Molale says she is always prepared for her travels as she does a lot of research in advance. “I pay for the flights first, then the accommodation, then I just make restaurant reservations and book cool and fun activities when I’m comfortable in my hotel, and I get a feel for where I am, ”she said.

While Molale dreams of her other destinations, namely the French Alps, Ibiza and Ghana, she is busy planning a trip to Dubai to change things up a bit. “For the past 11 years, I have spent every December in Cape Town, so I would like to do things a little differently this year. I will spend three weeks in Dubai and then finish in Cape Town to see my friends. I always like to start the New Year with faces I know well, my people … and Cape Town is the perfect destination for me.

So in the mother city, you will likely find it in some of its favorite places such as the Grand Pavilion. “The food there is amazing! Chinchilla has such a great vibe and the view is really beautiful. And Grand Africa Café and Beach is another favorite. It’s about the time you spend with the people you love in the perfect environment. I have had such great experiences organized by Courvoisier in places like the Four Seasons Hotel The Westcliff, San Deck and Gemelli in Johannesburg.

As a Courvoisier Ambassador, Molale says she learned a lot about the brand and cognac, especially from Courvoisier brand ambassador and Marble Group chief mixologist, George Hunter. “It’s really interesting that cognac gets its color from the barrels – so there are no additional dyes. Every now and then I would have a pure brandy, but now I love how you can mix Courvoisier in a cocktail because I am a daily drinker and don’t want to have super concentrated drinks.

Molale says Hunter taught her to use less ice in cocktails. Too much ice simply dilutes the drink; less ice and your drink will have more flavor and last longer. “For me, these are either cocktails or champagnes. The gala is really refreshing and light. I also think it’s a conversational drink and really on trend right now.

Live the summer !

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