Pakistan has vast opportunities for trade and tourism: President Arif Alvi

LAHORE: President Dr. Arif Alvi said that Pakistan has immense trade and tourism opportunities for the whole world.

Addressing the inaugural Pakistan Engineering and Healthcare Show 2022 organized by the Ministry of Commerce and Trade Development Authority of Pakistan at the Governor’s house here on Saturday, the President said the government has taken several steps for the improvement of international trade, ease of doing business and promotion of tourism in the country.

He said Pakistan is becoming a geo-economic hub for Central Asian countries, China, Turkey and Europe as the world can trade with China and Central Asian republics through Pakistan. He said that during his visit to Uzbekistan and other Central Asian countries, he observed that the leaders of these countries were eager to boost trade with Pakistan, adding that the ancient Silk Road in the region was of great importance for trade as it connected the world to China. and Central Asia. Dr. Alvi said that Pakistan produces high quality products in various sectors such as surgery and sports, adding that unfortunately some countries are renaming Pakistani products and selling them to other countries.

“We have a lot to offer from our country both to Africa and to the Central Asian republics,” he said. President Alvi pointed to the successful handling of COVID-19 as one of many examples of the efficiency of the country’s people. The President assured visiting delegates that the government has facilitated business and invited international entrepreneurs to come and set up businesses. Pakistani people are known for their good hospitality, he said and urged foreign delegates to extend their stay here to visit “magnificent Pakistan”.

Earlier, Punjab Governor Ch Sarwar said in his address that doing business with the African and Central Asian republics is a high priority of Pakistan and the first show was organized especially for the people of these regions. He said that Pakistan offers the world a competitive trade and business environment. “Pakistani engineering and healthcare products were in high demand globally, especially in Africa and Central Asia.”

On this occasion, the Governor of Punjab ensured continuous and constant support to the local industry.

The Prime Minister’s Trade Adviser, Abdul Razak Dawood, also addressed the participants. Later, President Alvi launched Pakistan Trade Portal by TDAP and Meet Pakistan mobile application for the development of trade and tourism in the country. Federal Minister of National Food Security and Research Syed Fakhar Imam was also present. A large number of delegates from African and Central Asian countries attended the event.

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