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giant sand worms and new planets have been added to No Man’s Sky in the Origins update, which will make the game even bigger than it already is.

Developer Hello Games said Origin “Effectively doubles the variety of play”.

No Man’s Sky features a procedurally generated universe, which means everything you find in the game is created by a random number algorithm instead of being a manual creation.

This means that no planet you visit will ever be the same as another. For reference, Sean Murrary, founder of Hello Games, told players that there are “18 quintillion planets” and it would take you around 585 billion years to see them all.

The update brings new planets, more weather conditions, different types of planets, new creatures and flora to explore in this update.

In the trailer below, you’ll see a few examples of these changes showing creatures and bugs landing and taking flight. All of these things are completely different and weird compared to what was in the game previously.

Without forgetting the glorious Dune-esque sandworms coming out of the ground near the end of the video.

The weather is also changing a bit. Previously, planets with bad weather like acid rain were planetary and the only way to avoid it was to hide in your ship or leave the atmosphere.

Origin’s update adds more realistic localized weather to certain areas that will not cover the entire planet. The weather will now move around the planet, along with the addition of new weather variants like tornadoes and meteor showers.

Hello games

New structures, like the one seen in the video, will also appear on the planets, begging to be explored. These alien buildings will contain some interesting lore and treasures, and might even lead you to stranger buildings.

Lots of other quality of life changes and bug fixes were introduced in Origins as well, but we are talking about the Giant Sandworms.

These giant worms were one of the features teased in one of the first trailers for No Man’s Sky about seven years ago.

No Man’s Sky faced a lot of backlash when it was released in 2016, as people felt a lot of the promotional content around the game was misleading.

The first trailers showed huge, monstrous, weird, and wonderful creatures, like giant sand worms, that you would encounter in the game, but when it launched people complained that he felt empty and the end product, according to some, was nothing like what was advertised.

Murray addressed these launch day issues in an interview with the Guardian, saying, “We’ve definitely ruined a whole lot of communication. I never liked talking to the press. I didn’t like when I had to do it, and when I did, I was naive and too excited about my game. ”

Asked about it, Murray said that even if you try to find your friends, there is no way you coordinate meetings because of the extremely large size of the universe, not to mention the fact that every time you start a new game you are placed on a totally random planet in a totally random galaxy.

However, multiplayer has been added in a future update, allowing you to join the same game world (or server) as your friends so you can explore together.

Say whatever you want about No Man’s Sky, but you have to give the small team at Hello Games immense respect and bad credit loans"}” data-sheets-userformat=”{"2":513,"3":{"1":0},"12":0}”>bad credit loans, adding loads of new free content to regain the trust of players who have felt betrayed by it. that they bought in 2016.

This update is sure to be another in a long line of free fixes to come for No Man’s Sky – hopefully the Sandworms will win people over.

No Man’s Sky’s Origins update arrives today

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