New York reports record number of coronavirus cases in one day

The announcement follows the cancellation of performances for a number of Broadway shows and decisions by some New York City colleges to cancel certain activities or conduct final exams remotely.

In another effort to contain the spread of the virus, Ms Hochul also said state officials plan to change the definition of fully vaccinated to include receiving a booster dose.

“The people who are definitely eligible, we want them to do that, but, in terms of the requirement, we just have to make sure that we adapt to that required flexibility, but we will get there,” the governor said in a statement. interview. on CNN. She noted that people who had been recently vaccinated were not yet eligible to receive booster shots.

In New York in recent days, the number of cases has doubled from a week ago.

“This big leap, which only happens when something big changes and the one big thing that has changed in the whole city is Omicron,” said Dr Denis Nash, professor of epidemiology at the CUNY School of Public Health. However, there is little reliable and up-to-date data showing what percentage of new cases in the city are caused by the variant.

Mayor Bill de Blasio urged New Yorkers to get vaccinated early.

“People need to get vaccinated now, get that booster now,” he said Thursday. “If they’re not feeling well, get tested now. It is an urgent situation.

On Thursday, the mayor announced a plan to deal with the rising number of cases by distributing, among other things, one million free KN95 masks and 500,000 home tests, more rigorously enforcing mask and vaccine mandates and by increasing the hours and capacity of city testing. sites.

Many New Yorkers have been rushing to get home test kits lately, with some stores sold out, and lines of people waiting at some testing sites have wrapped around blocks. The Omicron variant has spread in New York City, including among those vaccinated.

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