New world of health and wellness

“Our Blue Ocean strategy calls for a reset of our tourism to identify and establish innovative policies, systems, protocols and standards that ensure our visitors a safer, more secure and transparent experience while building a new model of national tourism. based on a diversified portfolio. unique and authentic attractions and activities, which draw heavily on Jamaica’s natural and cultural assets, ”said Minister Bartlett.

He gave the keynote address at the opening of the 3rd Jamaican Health and Wellness Tourism Conference at the Montego Bay Convention Center yesterday. The event is hosted by the Tourism Linkages Network (TLN), a division of the Tourism Enhancement Fund (TEF) and will run from November 18-19. The conference is held under the theme: “Refresh, Reboot, Reawaken – The New World of Health and Wellness” and brought together leaders of the health and wellness tourism industry from Jamaica and around the world via various virtual platforms.

Minister Bartlett said that in the long term, a critical part of the Blue Ocean Strategy would be “to strengthen zoning and tourism theme systems so that the unique characteristics of each destination area are preserved and enhanced for the better. support their own distinct brand appeal. . “

He pointed out that the diversification of the tourism product was at the heart of the recovery of the industry after the devastating effect of the COVID-19 pandemic and that travelers were now focusing on their own health and well-being while they were also were looking to recover from the mental strain of the past 20 months. He suggested that when people are looking for destinations that offer them comfort and relaxation from stress, there is a need to further strengthen health and well-being as one of the points of passion and to create products around them. to bring more diverse visitors to the destination. .

With this in mind, Jamaican Tourism Minister Bartlett has expressed the view that Jamaica is poised to benefit from the US $ 4.5 trillion global health and wellness tourism market with its abundance of natural active ingredients.

“This island could well be classified as the Garden of Eden of the Caribbean with its wide selection of herbs and spices, fruits and vegetables, rivers and springs and enchanted sites of verdant countryside and winding landscapes. There are also our waterfalls, our beaches and our spas which contribute to a feeling of well-being ”, declared the Minister of Tourism.

Minister Bartlett said health and wellness tourism is a dynamic sector with constantly evolving techniques and products. He was therefore delighted that the conference offered an overview of the changes underway through practical presentations and panel discussions on areas such as global trends and perspectives in well-being; Mental well-being; The new world of spas; The new traveler of well-being; Nutrition and well-being; Investment opportunities in the new wellness industry; Well-being and music, and well-being in the community.

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