Natural fairy-tale pool or sleeping volcano

You must be surprised to see the title. Corn Boga Lake, the highest freshwater lake in Bangladesh, located at Ruma Upazila under Bandarban, is truly a wonderful place surrounded by mystery. About 70 km from the town of Bandarban, this naturally formed lake crosses the Keokkaradong Mountains at an elevation of about 1,246 feet above sea level. Let’s take a look at some interesting facts as well as detailed information on Bagalek’s travels.

Science facts and myth about Lake Boga

Bangladesh geologists claim that Lake Boga is the result of a volcanic eruption or the fall of a meteorite from space. Many people think it was caused by a landslide. Its core is rich in soft rock from the earth’s crust.

According to Banglapedia, its water is very acidic, so no algae or other aquatic plants grow there, and no aquatic animals can live in it. But according to 2009 data, the waters of Lake Boga are very fertile, and the lake contains a lot of algae, water lilies and other aquatic plants, as well as many fish and even giant fish.

There are several myths about the origin of Lake Boga among the Bom, Marma, Mro, Khumi and Tripura tribes.

According to local tribal myth, once upon a time there was a dragon that took shelter in a cave in the mountains. In the Bam language, the dragon is called “Boga”. The inhabitants offered cattle to please the dragon god. One day, a few people killed the dragon. As a result, the peak became a submerged lake and drowned the surrounding villages. While there is no evidence for this story, the legendary dragon and the lake’s white volcanic form coincide with the backdrop of a dead volcano.

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The natural beauty of Lake Boga

The spiral Shongkho River flows about 15 km east of Ruma Upazila Sadar. The lake is located on top of a hill in the Palitai Range, 29 km from its shore, covering an area of ​​approximately 15 acres.

At every moment of the day, tourists are puzzled by the different colors of the structure. The calm and cool water of the lake takes all the fatigue of the trip away in an instant. The lake itself took on a bluish color with a handful of sky blue. The blue water lining at the top of the hill created a natural collage mixed with indigo.

You will gaze with fascinated eyes at the combination of sky, mountains and water. Nature has poured a touch of green here. The exhaustion of crossing an impassable track is lost in the deep lake. All in all, it’s like a beautiful green land.

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Best time to visit Lake Boga

It is very difficult to visit Lake Boga during the rainy season. However, it is convenient to visit Lake Boga in winter. Nevertheless, many adventure-loving tourists are fascinated by the scenic beauty of Lake Boga. Lake Boga at night is completely different from Lake Boga by day. And if the night is a moonlit night, it can be one of the best nights of your life.

How to reach Boga lake, Bandarban from Dhaka

First, you can take a bus from Dhaka to reach Bandarban directly by road. The journey can take 8-10 hours. The rates for non-AC buses and AC buses will be BDT 550 and BDT 950 to 1500, respectively.

If you like train travel, take a train from Dhaka. The train will drop you off at Chittagong first. The price of train tickets will be 350 to 1200 BDT depending on the class.

You can also go directly to Chittagong by plane from Dhaka with a plane fare of 2,500 to 9,200 BDT depending on time and category.

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After reaching Chittagong, take the bus from Boddarhat in Chittagong to Bandarban where the bus fare is 220 BDT. You can also get to Bandarban by bus from Dhampara bus stop in Chittagong for 200-300 BDT.

From Bandarban you can reach Ruma Bazar in 2 hours by taking a local bus or a Chander Gari / jeep covering a distance of 48 km. If you go in a group it will be better for your trip. A car can carry up to 10 to 15 passengers. You can hire this car from Bandarban town jeep station for 3000-4000 BDT.

In addition, there are buses from the Ruma bus stop in Bandarban for you. From there the bus leaves for Ruma every 1 hour. The rent is 120 BDT and it will take about 3 hours.

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After getting off the car / bus at Ruma Bazaar, you need to get a guide first. Keep in mind that obtaining guides is mandatory and they must be registered. Before leaving, you must get permission to go to Boga Lake from Ruma Bazar military camp. The identity of all traveling members must be submitted for authorization. You don’t have to worry about it, your guide will help you with all the formalities.

And of course, remember that you are not allowed to go to Boga Lake from Rumabazar after 4 PM.

However, the distance between Rumabazar and Lake Boga is 17 km. After getting permission, rent a Jeep Land Cruiser or Chander Gari in Rumabazar. Usually, these local transports can accommodate 8 to 15 people. If you explain what you need, the guide will take care of everything. The reserve fare for a land cruiser from Ruma to Lake Boga is 1,800 BDT and 2,000 BDT for a Chander Gari. If you have a small number of members in your group, you can talk to another group and rent a car by sharing the cost.

Alternatively, you can opt for local transportation to reach the Boga Lake destination. Every hour from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. the local Chander Gari comes and goes. The local rate to Lake Boga is 100 BDT per person.

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Accommodation and meals

You can hardly find a high quality hotel or resort in Boga Lake. You have to succeed in staying in the small cabins of the natives. It will cost you 100 to 200 BDT per person to stay in these cottages in a totally natural environment. The one-room gîte can accommodate 5 to 6 people.

Meal arrangements should be made in tribal houses. Usually food packages of 100 to 200 BDT are available. Meals are prepared with rice, eggs, potatoes and mountain chicken. You need to say in advance what kind of food you want to have and how many people are going to have dinner there. If you want to have your meals on arrival, you can communicate in advance with the help of your guide. The cottages also have a barbecue. So you can buy mountain chickens and sit on the shores of the lake and enjoy this exotic environment.

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Final words

There are a few things to keep in mind when traveling to Lake Boga. Lake Boga has no electricity but has solar power. You can take an external battery with you to recharge your mobile. Not all mobile networks are available, keep SIM cards with the network available with you. Be careful when swimming in the lake. The way of life of the natives is quite different from that of the inhabitants of the flat lands. Don’t do anything that disrespects them. Some of them may not like taking photos or filming videos. Get permission before taking pictures of them. So, a little bit of caution will help you spend time very comfortably.

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