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Although World Rhino Day may have happened earlier this week, you can still celebrate it with the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.

The park invites all animal lovers to help name their new southern white rhino calf.

You can vote for your preferred name by visiting the Safari Park Facebook page until September 28.

The three contenders are:

  • Kamaria (Cam-mar-e-uh), which means beautiful like moonlight in Swahili
  • Kifaru (Key-far-roo), which translates to Rhino in Swahili
  • Ilanga (E-Long-ga), meaning Sun in Xhosa

The name with the most votes in the comments will be announced Wednesday at 9:30 am live on the park Facebook.

The baby rhino was born on August 22 to its first mother, Kianga, and father, J. Gregory.

The San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance describes the 125-pound female calf as curious, playful … and very hungry.

Rhinos are essential to their ecosystems, according to the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance.

Southern white rhinos live in the African savannas.

Gentle giants are herbivores, grazing on grasses. In doing so, they help maintain the diversity of African grasslands, increasing plant diversity and providing grazing areas for other animals that share their natural habitat, such as elephants, zebras, antelopes and gazelles.

Alliance says around 18,000 southern white rhinos remain in Africa due to habitat loss, persistent poaching and illegal horn trafficking.

The baby rhino is the 104th southern white rhino born at San Diego Zoo Safari Park since 1972.

You can find Momma Kianga and her calf roaming their habitat from the park’s African tram, animal safari, hot air balloon safari, or from the park giraffe camera, which is not just for giraffes!

The Safari Park participates in Kids Free October, which means children 11 and under get free entry throughout the month with the purchase of an adult ticket.

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