Malindi goes into sports tourism with the development of a rugby field

Sports tourism in the resort town of Malindi received a major boost after stakeholders launched a process to establish the region’s very first modern rugby pitch to host, which will host national and international tournaments.

The rugby field which is already at an advanced stage is being installed at the Malindi Golf and Country club and will add to the already existing golf sport which is already attracting sports tourists from all over the country.

Sandies is already planning a Malindi hotel group consisting of Diamond Dream of Africa, Dream Gardens and Tropical Village as well as Conference Solutions, Malindi golf club, Fuson Kenya today sponsored the very first rugby tournament to help raise funds for the completion of the rugby field.

During the tournament, hundreds of tourists, including foreigners residing in Malindi and residents of Nairobi, Malindi and Mombasa, flocked to the club with their families to enjoy the fun all day long.

Besides the rugby match, there was also a golf tournament, as well as children’s play facilities and plenty of food for people to enjoy their day, socialize and bond.

Senior Kilifi County government officials led by County Executive Member for Gender, Culture, Sports Dr Anisa Omar and prominent business figures from the resort were among those who attended. for the day with their families.

Alexander Zissimatos, general manager of the hotels group for Africa, said that as a hotel they are proud to achieve other things besides sport, in particular the project of a rugby pitch which will be the largest in County Kilifi.

Zissimatos said their vision is to complete the project quickly in order to help the younger generation grow and develop rugby in the country.

“We hope this is going to be successful and help the tourism industry here bring teams from all over the country and everyone has a good time in the afternoon,” he said.

The managing director said that with Golf Rugby and hotels they would make sure this becomes a reality to boost the industry.

“With the sponsorship we have done and all the support we have received from stakeholders, within a month or so we hope to be able to complete this project,” he said.

When a big team performed, he said it would attract a lot of people and a lot of tourists would come.

Currently, he said there are already charters that have started arriving as a result of efforts by the county and the national government in the vaccination campaign, adding that at his resort, more than 90 percent of workers have been vaccinated.

“I think if things stay the same by November, you will see a lot more international tourists coming even to their own country, they are stranded, but things are opening up now and people want to travel,” he said. -he declares.

For her part, Anisa said that by developing the Malindi Golf and Country Club, she would help promote the tourism sector through sport.

She urged everyone to make sure they don’t forget about the sports issues in County Kilifi to ensure that it is developed from athletics, football, rugby and all other sports .

The other day she said the 100m champion was a Kenyan which is a positive gesture because once the talents are tapped it helps give those who are talented a chance.

The CEC member said counties and national governments should also support sports as some children are good at sports because not everyone will be good in class to study medicine or fly.

“We are at the Malindi golf course and we are celebrating the spread of good ideals through sport, we have seen a rugby field develop which is a positive gesture, in my department we are here to support the sport “, did he declare.

Coastal region rugby development activities manager Lubang Alion said he was happy to witness the development of the rugby pitch for the Malindi rugby team as it would help develop talent.

He said Coast has a lot of untapped talent and the sport has remained a sleeping giant because it hasn’t been tapped.

Alion said that besides talent, the move will help promote the tourism industry as big teams will come to play and attract tourists.

“Having initiatives like these will help the Nairobi teams to come and play against the Malindi Rugby Club, they will come with their fans, sports tourism is a growing sector in the world, we have seen countries and cities organize events. tournaments and cups that help the tourism industry as players and fans will need hotels to stay and spend the money, ”he said.

Malindi Rugby Club captain Sammy Kabiri said they now see there is a field under development because previously they depended on a school ground which was closed after the Covid-19 pandemic, leaving them with nowhere to train.

He said their goal as a team is to play in the top league, especially the Champions League and Kenya Cup, and that with the pitch they will be able to host a tournament or game.

Kabiri said they are organizing a mass recruiting drive to get players to develop a strong squad.

“I urge all stakeholders to come and help develop these talents around the world,” he said.

Once sport tourism is chosen in Malindi, it will be added to the already existing products, including beach and safari, which are famous all over the world.

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