Luxury hotel in South Africa named “one of the best in the world”

You will need around R60,000 to spend ONE NIGHT here, and a taste for the outdoors is a must: Yes, the Royal Malewane Lodge in Hoedspruit, Greater Kruger is up there with the most exclusive hotels on the planet, but there’s a reason for it – the experience on offer is officially one of the greatest luxury stays money can buy.

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Royal Malewane: South Africa is home to “one of the most luxurious hotels in the world”

So when your Powerball numbers appear in the near future, or if you happen to have a few bobs in the bank, keep this spot in your favorites. Luxury Columnist London experts choose Royal Malewane to be on its list of the 18 best hotels in the world – ranking fourth in the prestigious countdown.

Two sites in Dubai and another at Lake Como, Italy, occupy the first three spaces. But not all of these sites are up to what the bush has to offer visitors. You have the Big Five at your doorstep. You have the indestructible tranquility of your remote surroundings. And, most importantly, you have a deep, freestanding tub to bathe in.

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What sets this hotel apart from the rest?

Citing the reasons they winked at Royal Malewane, the luxury columnist chose five specific characteristics in his brief article. For animal lovers – and those who like a decent drink – the review speaks for itself.

  • It has an “ideal base” for seeing wildlife.
  • The site-based safari guides are listed as “Africa’s Most Qualified”.
  • Guests are pampered in paradise, thanks to the spa facilities and exclusive treatments available.
  • The lavish dining arrangements have been praised by the luxury columnist.
  • Special mention for the rare wines and whiskeys offered to the guests. It will be fine for us!
Royal Malewane South Africa Luxury Hotel
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Reasons to visit Royal Malewane

If you are looking for traditional hotel deals, this is also part of the package. Whatever your vacation, you will never miss a dip in the pool and a little workout in the gym. And don’t get us started in private casitas …

“One of the best hotels in the world for safari enthusiasts, the Royal Malewane is a luxury game reserve in the Greater Kruger. The ideal starting point for observing the Big Five game, this safari lodge has one of the most qualified teams of guides in Africa. There’s also a lavish spa with a heated pool, steam room, and fully-equipped gym on-site.

“Royal Malewane Bush Spa treatments take place in private casitas and use Healing Earth, a South African product. You can dine in the Bush Tent under the flickering lanterns or in the privacy of your suite. There is kosher compliant cuisine and an extensive wine and whiskey list. | Luxury columnist

Royal Malewane South Africa Luxury Hotel
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