Letter: Africa needs Britain to lift tourist travel ban

David Pilling’s excellent article on Why Gabon Wants Markets to Help Fight Climate Change (“Africa’s Green Superpower,” The Big Read, July 21) highlights the huge opportunity for Africa to harness its “natural capital” through conservation.

However, as one of the largest foreign markets for tourism in Southern Africa, the UK’s continued restriction on travel to the region has been devastating for businesses and communities supporting conservation. through ecotourism. Over the past 30 years, enormous strides have been made in building tourism infrastructure in Africa that can protect and maintain the continent’s unique biodiversity over the long term.

A continued travel ban in southern Africa puts this progress at risk, and with it the various pledges and pledges the UK government has made to reverse habitat loss and climate change.

Charlie mayhew
Tusk Trust, Gillingham, Dorset, UK

Simon jones
Help the rhinos
Haywards Heath, West Sussex, United Kingdom

Andrew Muir
Nature Foundation
Chelmsford, Essex, United Kingdom

Shirley galligan
White Lion Foundation, London W2, United Kingdom

Di Luden
Community Conservation Fund Africa, Crowthorne, Berkshire, UK

Will jones
Wild Philanthropy, Brighton, UK

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