Kenya: Race against time as Kavisi heads into final test of WRC Safari Rally

Nairobi – Evans Kavisi and his navigator Absalom Aswani will make their third and final test at Kiambu’s Twisty Corners on Friday, well in time for the WRC Safari Rally, to be held in Naivasha from June 23-26.

After their first two test drives at Stoni Athi, the KCB Racing Team duo discovered a few broken parts that needed to be replaced.

Sailor Absalom Aswani explains: “After the first two tests at Stoni Athi, we disassembled the car to do a laser check for moving mechanical parts and gears that could not be seen with the naked eye.

“It was to quickly detect any cracks that were about to break. These are the gears inside the gearbox, the center differential and the rear differential, the arms and the drive shafts, so we went back to the workshop to replace them.”

The pair will race a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 10 that they have been fine-tuning at the team’s workshop in Westlands ahead of the Safari adventure.

Last year, the duo did not complete the Safari but are determined to break the curse of the 2022 edition.

The event sponsored by KCB Bank Kenya, Toyota Kenya and Quickmart will begin on Wednesday with Shakedown at Ndulele Conservancy, KICC Ceremonial State and Kasarani Super Special Stage (SSS) on Thursday will culminate at Hell’s Gate Wolf Power Stage.

The Kavisi rider is confident things will go well after their final test as this will pave the way for their final stage of preparation.

Kavisi: “Our goal this time is to complete the trip first and then think about all the points, standings and standings later.”

“The aim of the first two tests at Stoni Athi was to hit the mileage, so we did around 80km of one test. Then the car underwent a strip rebuild to fix the faulty parts”

“Our test on Friday will be a 10+ kilometer test to see if the car is in good condition for the Naivasha adventure,” Kavisi said, adding, “For you to earn points, you have to finish first. We hope to finish this year’s competition in a respectable place but after a complete overhaul of the car.”

The KCBL-sponsored duo have already tested on black cotton at Stoni Athi and will head to the red ground surface Twisty Corners in Kiambu for their final test before descending to Naivasha well in time for the week-long program next week. .

Kavisi took part in the East African Classic Safari Rally (EASCR) in February where he was a late entrant after securing a last minute sponsorship from the Minti Motorsport team.

The deal saw him team up with Safari Rally legends Ian Duncan and Anthony Nielsen who were also backed by Minti Motorsport in the grueling EASCR.

Kavisi will also take lessons learned from the gas-guzzling Safari Classic into the WRC Safari Rally.

“In the classic rally, we observed that the preparations are 80% and the competition is only 20% on the rally.

“We also took into account that testing the machine before the game is very mandatory.”

“It helps a driver know which areas need fixing before the game.”

“All of this is meant to take our game to the next level,” Kavisi continued.

Kavisi will team up with paraplegic driver Nikhil Sachania in KCB Racing Team’s two-car lineup.

“With the sponsorship of KCB Bank, we now have the possibility of replacing the parts of the vehicle which break down, we now have the capacity to engage in the stages.”

In one of his greatest achievements on the Kenya National Rally Championship front, Kavisa scored a maiden podium at last year’s Machakos Rally by coming back third.

He made his East African Safari Classic Rally debut in February where he finished in 24th place.

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