It is hypocritical to exclude some travelers from entering Greece

Greek tourism continues to lose valuable income to its competitors due to the fact that unlike other EU countries, Greece does not allow travelers to enter from distant markets such as Latin America, India and South Africa.

But after recent announcements about the lifting of pandemic restrictions due to increased vaccinations, it is now possible and absolutely necessary to completely remove restrictions on entry conditions for foreign tourists.

The fact that all EU citizens can visit Greece without a problem, but not third country nationals, even if they meet the same entry requirements as Europeans, is largely hypocritical and illogical.

Much more, since the inhabitants of the above countries are already traveling to European countries, but – for some unknown reason – not to Greece.

The Federation of Hellenic Associations of Travel and Tourism Agencies (FedHATTA) stressed the need to immediately lift any relevant ban setting nationality criteria and to apply horizontal restrictions to all on the basis of purely epidemiological criteria.

FedHATTA President Lysandros Tsilidis said: “Greece must regain its place as a world-renowned country in the tourism sector, which will safely welcome all its travelers-visitors, wherever they come from. as long as they meet the required conditions.

“In its tourism policy, the current hypocritical exclusion of travelers, based on arbitrary criteria and unrelated to the needs of the pandemic, has no place.

“Since tourism operates on a deferred basis, the time has come for the immediate and full opening of Greece’s borders to all markets, as everyone in tourism demands that by 2022 it finally operates in conditions of real regularity. “

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