International Symposium on Responsible Tourism on August 30

To implement the model, aimed at the development of village and local communities, the eradication of poverty and the emphasis on women’s empowerment, the Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board, in association with the ADTOI- MP Chapter (Association of Domestic Tour Operators of India), organizes an international symposium on Tourism Responsibility for the “International Center for Responsible Tourism”, United Kingdom (ICRT) and organization of the World Tourism Award WTM (World Travel Market) 2022 (India Awards) in Bhopal.

Announcing the event, Sheo Shekhar Shukla, Principal Secretary, Tourism and Director General of Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board, told the media that the event which will start on August 30 will last until September 10.

An ICRT team consisting of representatives from different countries including UK, Australia, South Africa and France will visit different destinations in Madhya Pradesh. The team will be led by Harold Goodwin, Founding Director of ICRT and Managing Director of the Responsible Tourism Partnership.

The team will visit the rich heritage sites and villages of Madhya Pradesh which are being developed under rural tourism. They will also explore Gramstays, local excursions, traditional cuisine and cultural programs. They will also look at the Clean Destination (solid waste management) project in Madla, the Humsafar project in Orchha and the Responsible Souvenir project in Madla.

An arts and crafts exhibition will also take place from September 5 to 10 at the Kushabhau Thakre Convention Centre.

The International Center for Responsible Tourism (ICRT) is a network of people who support the Cape Town Declaration through their work and it has a number of sister, affiliated center organisations. The ICRT was established in 2002 by Harold Goodwin as part of the legacy of the 1st International Conference on Responsible Tourism in Destinations and the Cape Town Declaration of 2002.

Harold Goodwin is Emeritus Professor and Director of Responsible Tourism at Manchester Metropolitan University’s Institute of Place Management, Chief Executive of the Responsible Tourism Partnership and adviser to the World Travel Market on its responsible tourism program at WTM London, which attracts 2,000 participants every year. , and WTM Africa and Latin America and Arab travel market.

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