Inno Morolong escapes death after his car hits a pothole [watch]

Influencer and nightclub hostess Inno Morolong cheated death after being pulled from the wreckage of her car, which caught fire shortly after her escape

the Diamonds and Dolls The star was in a serious car accident over the weekend, after traveling from Johannesburg to his home in Welkom in the Free State.


Over the weekend, Inno Morolong planned to return home for Mother’s Day on Saturday, May 7. But tragedy struck after the reality star hit a pothole and lost control of his vehicle.

She said Chisalive: “I was involved in a terrible accident. My car is radiation. I am badly injured. I almost lost an eye, I am in pain. My whole body, my arm even my speech is wrong”.

Of her lucky escape, she said, “I thank God I didn’t die. I managed to escape. The car was already on fire. I managed to unlock it. I couldn’t see anything because I was bleeding from my eye [but] I managed to get my phone back. Everything is burned. All my travel bags and everything that belongs to me are burned.

“The smoke was coming out while I was still inside. I managed to escape. People arrived too late because I lost everything in this car which was valuable but I thank God for my life”.

A video of Inno Morolong’s burning car went viral over the weekend and fans were shocked at the severity of the crash.

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Meanwhile, Inno Morolong is about to undergo a second round of extensive plastic surgery. This, after the star embarked on a R200,000 body makeover earlier this year.

Speaking to Daily Sun, Inno revealed his intention to look like a

“The procedure will lift my boobs and also suck some fat out of my arms. I want to look like a doll. I want to look good in my body. I’m tired of being fat. I want to be fit. I’m not saying that there is nothing wrong with being fat but I want to be in the shape of a doll.

Inno Morolong has previously undergone liposuction, abdominoplasty and a Brazilian butt lift. It’s unclear how Inno’s recovery from a car accident will affect his plastic surgery plans.

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