How to complete the Festung Guernsey mission in Sniper Elite 5

There are many great stealth games out there, but Elite Sniper 5 is up there in terms of unique level design and difficulty customization. There are many ways to approach any situation and many weapons at your disposal. In total, there are nine main missions, but Festung Guernsey presents a major twist in the game’s plot.


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Below is a walkthrough for each objective you can complete in Festung Guernsey, and the easiest way to do it. We’ll also highlight the optional objectives for this level and show you how to complete them.

How to start Festung Guernsey

Launch Sniper Elite 5 and select the Campaign option from the main menu. You will now see a screen where you can select your loadout, customize the difficulty of the mission, and tinker with other settings.

Make sure to disable Axis Invasion to prevent another player from joining your mission as an online enemy.

After customizing your settings and starting the mission, you’ll start on a beach after a short cutscene.

Start by heading towards the small cave, after which you will come across a radio building. Your first optional objective is to destroy this radio building. There’s also a small stash of supplies in a makeshift shelter next to the beach.

(Optional) Disable radio communications

Sneak into the yard, where there will be only a few guard soldiers. You can hide behind barricades and other objects to move towards soldiers unnoticed and use stealth melee kill or incapacitate each of them.

Go up the stairs on the left side of the yard, then go right and pick up the bolt cutters.

Turn around and cut the first thread connected to the radio tower. Then go back to the stairs but don’t go down; In place, go through the door on the second floor where you can cut the second thread. The radio tower will fall and you can move on to the next objective.

(Optional) Kill List: Lanzo Baumann

Lanzo Baumann is on your Kill List for the Festung Guernsey mission. Go to the eastern part of the map, at the location shown in the image above. Baumann will be inside the building and distracted, so you can sneak up and kill or incapacitate him using a melee stealth attack.

You can also shoot Baumann from afar with a sniper rifle, but that could draw in enemies if you don’t have a good silencer.

There’s a bonus if you bury Baumann in concrete. If you want to do it, you have to sabotage the cement mixer directly in front of his desk.

make sure sabotage the fence on the platform next to it as well. Baumann will come to check the cement mixer, fix it, then lean on the fence – only to fall into the cement, until he dies.

Neutralize the Mirus battery

There is a large artillery cannon that you need to sabotage in the northern part of the map. Once there, you will find patches of tall grass around the area, as well as a few soldiers above the trenches. You can use sneaky melee attacks to pick them up quietly.

A hole in the barbed wire – somewhere in the middle of the trenches – is where you need to enter. The trenches will be filled with soldiers in every direction.

You can try to sneak up on them and use sneak attacksWhere use your secondary weapon if it has a good silencer.

After heading towards the quest marker, you will come across the bunker that houses the giant cannon that you must destroy. You can do this by sabotage of the great blue shell that the weapon uses. Quietly sabotage the shell and leave the trenches the same way you entered.

You’re also likely to run into a few soldiers on your way out of the trenches, so be sure to prepare for combat by pulling out your secondary weapon.

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Investigate the underground hospital

Now that you’ve completed all the optional objectives, you can focus on find the stealth plates. To do this you need to find intel by underground hospital investigation.

Although the hospital is underground, it is not very far below the surface at all. Travel south from the big gun you just destroyed. There are a few entrances to the hospital, although the main entrance is actually quite easy to cross.

There are many trucks patrol the roads around this area, so be sure to take cover when approaching. Once you reach the main entrance you will see three soldiers guarding the area.

You can use distractions, like a bottle or a whistle, to make them come towards you while hiding in nearby grass. Then just use stealthy melee attacks to defeat them one by one.

Go through the entrance and down the tunnel. You will come across several rooms on either side of the structure.

You don’t need to defeat all the soldiers in the hospital, so try to avoid combat if possible. Many of them get distracted by conversations or other tasks, so it’s easy to get around them if you don’t enter their rooms.

Continue straight until the end of the tunnel, then turn right at the far corner and you’ll see a small room with a soldier’s back to the door. The soldier doesn’t move immediately, so sneak up behind him and kill or incapacitate him.

The Stealth Plates are in this roombut you must know where they are taken.

Now you can leave this little room and go to the one diagonally to the left of this one, where the officer was. there is a piece of Intel called Transport Trouble inside this room pick it up and you can now leave the hospital through a nearby entrance to the right of the room you are in. Now you know where to find the hidden facility.

Investigate the hidden facility

Now that you have information about the hidden facility, travel west from the hospital to the above location. The entrance to this bunker is heavily fortified with soldiers, a guard tower and even a tank. You can try to sneak past the guards, but it’s difficult because the security is too tight. However, there is a second entry which you can use to enter the establishment.

If you travel further west, you’ll come across a set of barbed wire barricades with a wide opening that leads to a path. There’s a soldier at the entrance, but there’s also grass, so you can take him out via stealth attack.

Turn left at the bottom of the path, then right again to find the entrance leading to the basement. Follow the path, but beware of the officer in the small room to your left. Also, remember this little piece for later.

Go down the ladder near the entrance, keep walking straight inside until you come across a submarine. This is the sub you are here to destroy.

Find a way to destroy the prototype

Eventually, you’ll come across a set of stairs on the left of the platform. There are many soldiers and scientists in this facility, and they roam the area, so you need to keep an eye on them.

After going down the stairs, you can head to the door at the other end of the room to find a room with pressure valves. There are two pressure valves and a control panel that you must interact with inside this room to open the vent, so you can drop an explosive into the facility from the ground.

Now grab a Satchel Charge from the crate near the valves and exit the facility the same way you entered. There is a door northeast of the bunker entrance that you can open with bolt cutters.

Crouch and crawl through the door, then turn left and place the satchel load next to the open vent. This will cause an explosion, destroying the prototype weapon.

There are two other ways to complete this lens if you want to try something different.

Option A: Set up a chain reaction

Enter the facility the same way, go down the stairs and head northeast. At the northeast end of the submarine, there is a control panel that you can interact with. This panel directly controls the fuel of the submarine.

Now cross the room and climb the ladder to find another control panel you can interact with. These are the controls of a crane holding a torpedo – it must be placed directly above the submarine.

You have to stand at a safe distance then pull the crane hook to drop the actual torpedo on the prototype submarine. The tunnel that opens to the sea is a good place for this, as you will also have a clear line of sight to the torpedo. Pull the hook from there and watch the fireworks.

Option B: Radio in bucket code

When you first enter the facility through the secret entrance, you will see a conference room on your left. Neutralize the guards and remove the Fischer Safe Combination from their bodies. Now exit the conference room, turn right and head to the safe at the other end of the hall. The safe contains Underwater Bucket Code and some other information.

Now go back where you originally entered, to the small room with the officer we asked you to keep in mind. Interact with the phone and the Nazis will destroy their own prototype weapon.


Once you’ve completed each objective, it’s time to Exfiltrate. Follow the dirt road to your Exfiltrate quest marker. There is no real strategy here, just run to the marker and interact with it to end the mission.

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