How much does a flight cost from Sacramento International Airport

The best time to book a flight – if you want a cheap deal – is months in advance. Waiting until the last minute, especially during the holidays, can get expensive.

For domestic flights, on average, purchasing your ticket 64 days in advance will get the best price, according to a CheapAir 2021 study. Thanksgiving is in 22 days. Christmas is in 52.

But the bargains still exist: Sites like Google Flights, Hopper, and Skyscanner monitor billions of flights and price changes.

You’ll also want to take stock of other travel expenses like airport parking, a bite to eat at your terminal, and – if you’re traveling with your pet – the cost of transporting the animal.

If you’re departing from Sacramento International Airport this holiday season, here’s what you need to know:

Where to book flights

This is one of the cheapest flights currently to U.S. cities including New York, Los Angeles and Chicago, with a departure date of November 24 and a return date of November 28, according to Google Flights.

Sacramento International Airport -> John F. Kennedy International Airport, New York (JFK) – $ 484 round trip with Jet Blue.

Sacramento International Airport -> Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) – $ 421 round trip with Boutique Air.

Sacramento International Airport -> O’Hare International Airport (ORD), Chicago – $ 511 round trip with Frontier.

Here are the current options from December 24 to 28, round trip:

Sacramento International Airport -> John F. Kennedy International Airport, New York (JFK) – $ 619 with American Airlines.

Sacramento International Airport -> Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) – $ 168 with Delta.

Sacramento International Airport -> O’Hare International Airport (ORD), Chicago – $ 335 with Spirit.

Parking at Sacramento International Airport

All paid bundles available at Sacramento International Airport are designed so that passengers can park their cars for a few days and board their flights. But if you plan to be away for more than three weeks, call 916-874-0825.

The airport has several options at different prices, so be sure to determine which bundle to use based on how long you’re away and how far you’re willing to walk. Here are the options:

Hourly parking – Terminal B

$ 2 per half hour / maximum of $ 29 per day

This lot is the closest to Terminal B, but it is designed for short stays. So if you park for more than a few hours, covered parking or daily parking is recommended, unless you are willing to pay to be closer to Terminal B.

Daily parking (covered parking) – Terminal A Terminal and B

$ 2 per half hour / maximum of $ 18 per day

Covered parking for terminals A and B is available in the garage. All parking is available on a first come, first served basis.

East and West Parking Economy

$ 2 per half hour / maximum of $ 10 per day

The East Economy bundle is for credit and debit cards only. No ticket will be issued at the entrance of customers. Instead, customers will enter a credit or debit card when they enter the bundle and use the same card when they exit the bundle.

West Economy parking is prepaid by license plate. Thus, customers must pay when they park by entering their license plate number at the payment terminal located inside the bus shelters.

Shuttle services arrive at 25-30 minute intervals, but it can take up to an hour from when you park to when you arrive at the terminal. Please note that the East and West economy car parks are the furthest from the terminals and do not have walking paths.

Parking reservations are not available.

Where to pay for parking in cash

As of Tuesday, cash is not accepted at the parking counters in all parking lots at Sacramento International Airport. Customers wishing to pay in cash will need to pay before returning to their car at the payment terminals on foot:

  • In the car park and outside gate 1 of terminal B.
  • On level 1 in halls C and D and on level 3 in hall C in the car park.
  • On level 5 in hall C of the parking garage and exterior door 1 at the pedestrian crossing to the time zone.

Checking your luggage

Here are the baggage check-in prices for some of the airlines that fly frequently to Sacramento International Airport.

Alaska Airlines

$ 30 – first bag

$ 40 – second bag

$ 100 – per additional bag

Southwest Airlines

The first two bags are free if they are no more than 50 lbs and 62 inches. Overweight items and oversized baggage (within limit) will be charged $ 75 per one-way item

Delta Airlines

$ 30 – first bag plus free carry-on and personal item.

$ 40 – second bag

Dining options at Sacramento International Airport

When calculating the cost of the trip, don’t forget to eat coffee, if you need it. Here are the dining options in Terminals A and B. Remember that airport restaurants are generally more expensive than those outside.

Terminal A

Escape rooms – chef’s kitchen

Freshii’s – salads, soups, wraps, burritos and juices and smoothies

La Taqueria – tacos, burritos and more

Paesanos -pizza, pasta and sandwiches

Peet’s Coffee and Tea – coffee, tea and more

Squeeze Burger – burgers

Starbucks – coffee, tea, sandwiches and more

Taylors – Selections by Vino Volo – coffee, sandwiches and snacks

Vino Volo – wines and small plates

Terminal B

Burgers and Brew – burgers and beer

Cafeteria 15L – American kitchen

Family – pizza

Jack’s Urban Eats – salads, sandwiches and entrees

The Gateway Bar – sandwiches, small plates and drinks

For more dining options, visit the official Sacramento County website.

Pet travel reservation

According to Pet Travel, a global pet travel resource, airlines typically charge around $ 125 one-way to transport your pet on a carrier.

If your pet is small enough to fit in a carrier, which goes under the seat in front of you, this method of air travel is by far your best bet for safe, worry-free travel. Most major airlines still accept one pet per passenger for an average cost of $ 125 per trip on domestic flights.

When booking travel with a pet, be sure to inquire about the airline you plan to travel with. Here are the pet policies of some of the airlines that fly frequently to and from Sacramento International Airport:

Southwest Airlines flights – United States

$ 95 one way by pet carrier – cabin

Delta Airlines – some flights

Due to the change in flight schedules in response to COVID-19, Delta banned all shipments of pets in April 2020. But you can still travel with your four-legged friend in the cabin. It costs $ 125 each way.

United Airlines – some flights within the United States

$ 125 one way and an additional $ 125 for each stopover longer than four hours in the United States or more than 24 hours outside the United States. Your pet cannot currently travel by cargo.

United Canada Airlines – United States and Canada

$ 50 to $ 59 one way (except Hawaii) – cabin

$ 105 to $ 120.75 one way (except Hawaii) – luggage

Precautions against covid19

Those who choose to travel are encouraged to get vaccinated and check local government COVID-19 restrictions, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

You must wear a mask at airports and on the plane, according to federal regulations. For more information on COVID-19 at the airport, visit the county website.

Sacramento International Airport is located at 6900 Airport Boulevard. Call 916-929-5411 to contact the airport.

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