Here’s a helpful guide on how to travel for Thanksgiving (and what to avoid)

The thought of traveling on Thanksgiving can be daunting, but with this guide you can avoid some of the vacation missteps.

Each year in November, America and many parts of the world celebrate one of the most beautiful holidays, Thanksgiving. People are enjoying Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade, breaking the wishbone for good luck, and feasting on a tasty roast turkey with cranberry sauce, stuffing, Brussels sprouts, and sweet and mashed potatoes. Families come together to share what they are most grateful for, spend quality time with each other, give back and shop until it falls on Black Friday.

This year, Thanksgiving will be in the United States on November 25, and the holidays are expected to be the busiest travel time of the year after shopping reopens after the pandemic. While travel rates will not reach those of 2019, they will far exceed the low rates of 2020. Therefore, people should take into account expected transportation delays and travel issues and plan their trip in advance. thanksgiving.

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Create a drama-free adventure by planning the Thanksgiving trip

Now that the world has reopened again and flights are operating at full capacity again, planning Thanksgiving trips is essential to having a drama-free adventure, avoiding transport delays, traffic and hassles. of travel. People need to start planning their trip in early fall, when fares are still low and plenty of seating is available. It would be wise to sign up for sale notifications and follow airlines on social media to stay informed and updated on all Thanksgiving travel related offers.

Another step to making their Thanksgiving trip smoother is to take only light carry-on baggage, as most airlines charge high rates for checked baggage. If a person wishes to bring gifts, gifts, or other personal effects with them on a Thanksgiving trip, they must ship them separately to their final destination in advance. In 2020, between mid-March and last year’s Thanksgiving date, the Transportation Security Administration in the United States screened more than one million passengers at one time per day.

On the contrary, this year the administration has screened more than one million passengers per day from mid-March 2021 to date. Thus, the need to choose wisely the days to return home for Thanksgiving to avoid crowds at airports.

What days to choose wisely for a Thanksgiving trip

Choosing the day of the Thanksgiving trip wisely is essential to avoid paying high ticket fees, massive crowds at the airport, and waiting times. The key to finding the right flights is to have flexible travel dates. Over the years, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and the Sunday after the holidays have been the busiest and most expensive two travel days in a single year for domestic travel in the United States.

So if one can extend his flight for an extra week after Thanksgiving or travel a week before the holidays, he will save a lot of money and avoid the biggest crowds at the airport.

The most important thing to do is to avoid traveling on November 24, which is the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, and November 28, which is the Sunday after Thanksgiving. The more days you choose to travel after or before the holidays, the less likely you are to pay or wait at the airport. However, research has shown that extending the return travel date will most likely influence the ticket price downward more than adjusting the outgoing travel date. The next most expensive days to travel to Thanksgiving are Sunday November 27, and Monday, November 29.

The cheapest and least frequented dates to travel on Thanksgiving

  • Sunday November 21
  • Monday 22 November
  • Thursday, November 25 (Thanksgiving)
  • Friday November 26
  • Tuesday, November 30

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Additional tips for booking the most relaxing Thanksgiving trip

There are several good practices you can adopt when booking your Thanksgiving travel flight to enjoy the best experience of coming home and reuniting with family. It would make sense for fully vaccinated people to check the fares of international flights to certain countries in Europe and South America, which are surprisingly cheaper or slightly more expensive than domestic flights. So a family can enjoy a fabulous Thanksgiving vacation outside of the United States and at much better prices. The best time to book domestic or international flights is before the end of October, when ticket prices are still on a lower scale. Another point to note is that travelers should arrive at the airport early to find a parking space faster and to avoid the long security lines.

In addition, installing the GateGuru app, which displays information about gates and restaurants at the airport, among other details, will be of great help and make their stay at the airport much smoother. Additionally, several airlines have their own mobile apps that allow passengers to check in, confirm their seats and track their flight status. While traveling by car is much cheaper and less of a pain than flying, road traffic can be a big problem during the Thanksgiving holiday and make the travel mission impossible. For example, the I-95 corridor on the east coast will be congested with traffic. Those who insist on traveling by car should avoid highways on November 24 and 28.

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