Gotham Knights: How To Unlock Fast Travel | All Drone Locations Guide

When your batcycle isn’t fast enough.


Getting around Gotham City doesn’t have to be a drag Gotham Knights. From the start of the game, your hero is equipped with a batcycle that instantly teleports whenever you are near a road. Yet driving around the city quickly becomes tedious. During your first few hours, you will only have one fast travel point on the map, and it will take you directly to the Belfry. Not really useful when trying to eliminate all crimes.

To move faster, you will have to unlock fast travel. Fast Travel becomes available in Case 2 and beyond. You will need to unlock each district fast travel marker by hacking drones. We’ll explain the full process below and where to find each drone with maps. Get around town in the fastest way possible with these drone drop locations.

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How to unlock fast travel

During Case 2.1several objectives will be assigned to you as part of your main folder. Unlock fast travel drones you have to follow the goal to visit Lucius Fox to Foxtec building. It will introduce you to the fast travel drone and how to complete each objective.

  • Fast travel challenges appear after finishing Case 2.1 and visit Lucius Fox. He will guide you through these missions.
    • At each marker, you must find 2 drones. There are two types of drones – unarmored drones can be scanned with your Augmented reality vision. Armored drones must docking station on a rooftop charger before you can scan them.

There exists a Fast travel challenge for each neighborhood. Unlocking them early will allow you to quickly access each district on the map, making it faster to find crimes.

All Drone Locations Guide

Two drones spawn in each district. You will need to find them and scan them with your AR visor. All characters can scan and hack drones. Once both drones are hacked, a fast travel marker will appear on your map.

Completing the starting quest will unlock fast travel markers in South side and the financial district.

  • Old Gotham Fast Travel Point:
    • UAV #1: Just southwest of the marker, flying above the building at Grand Avenue and Neville Street.
    • Drone #2: The armored drone lands on the tower directly north of the challenge marker.
  • Tricorn Island Fast travel point:
    • UAV #1: Slightly east of the marker. Above the church in Rue Arsenal. Climb to the top of the tower to get the scan.
    • Drone #2: Another circles around the warehouse on the west side of Arsenal Street.
  • west end Fast travel point:
    • UAV #1: Docks on a large building to the right of the challenge marker, slightly north.
    • Drone #2: Another armored drone docks on the lower building further north.
    • Drone #3: The other goes around the tallest building northwest of the challenge marker, very close.
  • Fast travel point Otisberg:
    • UAV #1: Three drones circle near the skyscraper at the marker. One can be scanned at the top of the building.
    • Drone #2: Another goes around the building halfway up. You have to go down on the scaffolding of the window cleaner and wait for him to go around to scan it.
    • Drone #3: The last drone can be scanned from the large crane to the south.
  • Gotham Heights Fast Travel Point:
    • UAV #1: An armored drone lands on a building directly north of the challenge marker. It practically touches the marker on the map. This drone circles the area – every large building in the square has a landing loader.
    • Drone #2: The second drone is stuck on the lower circuit. Find a charge on the lower building directly to the south. AR scan – all lower loaders can be used by this drone.
  • Bristol Fast travel point:
    • UAV #1: An armored drone floats above the rooftops of Mercey Street.
    • Drone #2: Another goes around the towers of Beacon Street.
    • Drone #3: And yet another lands on the charging stations west of the previous one.

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