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After nearly two decades of absence, Fox’s reboot of the dating series with the reality of guilty pleasure Joe Millionaire: For the richest or the poorest returns to the network on January 6, 2022. Exit a page from The single person, the show pits 18 eligible women against each other as they vie for the affection of Kurt F. Sowers and Steven McBee, one of whom is extremely wealthy and the other is not.

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As the suitors follow their hearts and fall in love, they must determine which bachelor is the real item and which is playing a big masquerade. A few days before the pilot’s broadcast, it’s the perfect time to catch up with the competitors on Instagram.

20 Kurt F. Sowers

Starting with the male contenders for the beloved dating show’s reboot, Kurt F. Sowers is the 32-year-old CEO of a construction company based in Charlotte, North Carolina. With southern charm in spades, Kurt will use his warm hospitality and blue-collar work ethic to woo 18 eligible women.

Kurt can be found on Instagram @sir_kurt, although he has only posted 14 posts to date. Most of Kurt’s content hints at a lavish lifestyle, but it all could be a subterfuge for the series. Only time will tell.

19 Steven mcbee

Dubbed a small town boy and entrepreneur, Steven McBee will compete directly with Kurt Sowers for the affection of 18 suitors. The 27-year-old farm CEO from Missouri appears to be a hardy outdoorsman who enjoys hunting, fishing and snowboarding.

Found @stevenmcbee, the potentially wealthy bachelor has twice as many Instagram posts as his competitor Kurt Sowers, which may be a product of their 5-year age difference. Most of Steven’s posts include footage of him fishing and working on the ranch.


18 Amanda Pace

Originally from Newport, California, Amanda Pace is a fashion designer currently residing in New York City. The 28-year-old fashionista is no stranger to posting travel stories and style tips online. She will compete with 17 other women to determine whether Kurt or Steven is telling the truth about their status as rich.

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With over 100 posts to date, Amanda’s Instagram can be located at @amandapaceee. Most of her photos include exotic beach selfies and cool vacation footage.

17 amber

Maybe vying for the next one Sell ​​Tampa season, Amber is a 28-year-old luxury real estate agent based in Fort. Lauderdale. When not showcasing great selfies online, she uses social media to advertise her real estate listings sensibly.

Located at @iamsoamber, Amber’s 77 flirty posts to date have amassed over 4,600 followers and count, with pages devoted to food, trips, living in New York City, and more.

16 Andrea Natalia

Andreea Natalia is the 31-year-old owner of two popular cafes called Kaffeology. Originally from Romania as a child, Andreea now calls Newport, Rhode Island her home.

With outstanding travel photos from her time in LA, Chicago, Miami, Nashville, Carmel, Peru, Italy, London and many more, Andreea finds herself @andreeanataliaceo, a fitting name for an absolute boss.

15 Annie jorgensen

Originally from Wisconsin, Annie Jorgensen is a 25-year-old digital media strategist who is currently living her best life in New York City. She’ll be looking to bring her creativity to outsmart and outlast her competition on the dating show with Guilty Pleasure this winter.

Annie’s Instagram The page, simply located @anniejorgensen, is full of engaging photos taken by amateurs and professionals alike that hint at his playful and professional sides with the same frankness, including his companion dog Pip.

14 Breanna Hagen

With the Minnesota niceties to go with her mind as an admissions specialist for medical graduate students, Breanna Hagen seems like a formidable candidate. The 27-year-old is also looking to overcome past heartbreak by giving love a second chance on the series.

With 460 posts to date, Breanna can be found on Instagram @hagenbre. Whether she’s spending time with her cat, going on vacation to places like Hawaii, or hanging out solo, Breanna tends to document it all.

13 Brookell

With a model’s name, Brookell, 30, Sri Lankan and African American, happens to be exactly that. The Double Threat is singing too, pursuing a celebrity life in Los Angeles.

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Discover the enchantment of Brookell Instagram nurture @brookellb, where she has amassed 32,000 subscribers by posting an array of compelling content in over 550 posts to date. She’s even candid about her battle with psoriasis.

12 Calah jackson

Described as a project manager from Dallas, Texas, Calah Jackson is a 28-year-old man whose southern charm might be most compatible with Kurt and Steven. Time will tell if their geographic origins lead to some good chemistry when rebooting the oft-forgotten dating game show.

In the meantime, go see Calah’s Instagram @calah_mack, where she’s been increasingly active recently in promoting her upcoming appearance on the show.

11 Caroline campbell

The youngest candidate appointed to date, Caroline Campbell is a 23-year-old recruiter who moved to her hometown of Illinois to live in Nashville, Tennessee. From her photo captions, Caroline has an extremely funny sense of humor.

With over 1,500 posts and 9,000 subscribers to date found @thecarolinecampbell, Caroline has put on a series of playful images accompanied by endearing self-deprecating lines such as “My life is about as organized as the DVD bin at $ 5 at Wal-Mart “.

ten Carolyn moore

As a single mom and standalone CEO of skincare brand Lion & Loki, Carolyn Moore will be hard to beat on the show. The 30-year-old go-getter from Orlando, Florida continues to taunt Steven and Kurt in playful social media posts.

To read Carolyn’s Instagram feed, go to @caroesteph. Whether it’s promoting her brand, hanging out with her adorable son Lion, working out or spending time at the beach, Carolyn will captivate your heart.

9 Doris Josie Cano

After leaving the professional dance world in the NBA and NFL, Doris Josie Cano, 32, started her own entertainment business Diamond Divas Events in the Big Apple. The crafty autodidact has also built a healthy online customer base.

With over 14,000 @dorisjosie followers, Cano has amassed fans with its stunning collection of sexy dance videos, glamorous selfies and dazzling vacation photos.

8 Jennie alexandra

Also holding two jobs, Jennie Alexandra is a 29-year-old lawyer who moonlights as a VIP waitress in San Diego. She will no doubt use her enterprising demeanor to win Kurt or Steven’s heart on the Second Chance reality show.

Found @ jennie.alexandraa, Jennie’s 200 Instagram publications to date include professional photoshoots, wedding galas, group vacations, metropolitan tourism, and more.

seven Katy johnson

Katy Johnson is an astute 33-year-old travel blogger and model from Iowa now residing in Los Angeles. With more social media savvy than most, Katy racked up 104,000 Instagram followers before she even appeared on For the richest or the poorest.

Johnson has built such a large fan base by posting almost 2,000 times @iamkatyjohnson, where racy photos and travel photos can be found envious of the most luxurious places on Earth.

6 Monique Aksamit

With a different background from most, Monica Aksamit is an Olympic bronze medalist in saber fencing. Now working as a professional model in New York City, Monica, 31, is looking to take out her competition on Jan.6.

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Located at @monicaaksamit, Monica won 100,000 Instagram subscribers by posting more than 800 photos and videos since joining the platform. Whether it’s with her dog Pongo or time spent in Belgium and Croatia, Monica remains popular.

5 Rachel vinson

Rachel Vinson is a 30-year-old legal assistant for an LA law firm who seeks to use her interrogation skills to find out if Kurt or Steven are telling the truth on the show. In the meantime, it will continue to develop its online audience.

With more than 56,000 subscribers on Instagram @Rachelvins, Rachel’s cute dog Bailiff often takes center stage between her mom’s elaborate photoshoots that are both sexy chic and downright homemade.

4 Sara rose

The show’s youngest contestant, Sara Rose is a 22-year-old model and social media influencer who spends a lot of time on sites like Instagram to promote its brand.

With over 150,000 subscribers out of just 45 posts to date, Sara can be found at @itsarawhatt where stunning selfies and dulcedo influencer mentions take precedence over everything else.

3 Suzan

Suzan is a Jamaican-born management operations provider living in San Antonio, Texas. The 28-year-old is quite active on social media, with over 400 posts on Instagram alone.

Found @officiallysuzan, most of Suzan’s content focuses on her stylish outfits, artistic photoshoots often in nature, and vintage black and white photos that evoke a certain mood.

2 Suzette Jacques

The most famous actor in the series, Suzette James is an accomplished actress, television host and real estate agent based in Los Angeles. As such, the 32-year-old talent has more Instagram disciples than any of them Joe millionaire competitors.

With more than 155,000 followers, Suzette can be found on Instagram @suzette_james. Along with posting scorching selfies that are hard to compete with, Suzette exudes an uplifting aura of positivity that can play a key role in winning the competition.

1 Whitney Young

Whitney Young, originally from Oregon and transplanted to Santa Monica, is a 25-year-old talent acquisition manager who, based on her recent social media feeds, appears to have sympathized with Kurt before. Who knows how it will all play out in the coming season.

Located at @ whitbit101, Whitney seems less inclined to use social media as a tool, posting just 34 times since joining the platform. However, those numbers are expected to skyrocket once the show airs and it will gain more followers.

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