Dubai’s leading technology investment firm, ICICB, unveils latest commitment to advancing the African economy through the Freedom Coin project

DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES/ACCESSWIRE/March 11, 2022/ Emerging as one of the fastest growing multinational corporations, ICICB has shown tenacity to deliver on its mission to lead the era of digital transformation. Serving a variety of industries ranging from digital finance, jewelry, commercial real estate and more, the tech giant has a proven track record of creating waves of groundbreaking new ventures and propositions with a rigorous determination. Innovative investment firm, ICICB, has recently shown its intention to put a remarkable spin on the burgeoning technology in the crypto industry with the introduction of its own fully interactive blockchain solution that stands out from fierce competitors. by its remarkable attributes. The group is continuing this intention with a global twist by revealing its recent investment in the Freedom Coin project, which promises to significantly grow the African economy.

Nana Kwame Bediako, aka Freedom Jacob Caesar, is the mastermind behind the “Freedom Project” which encompasses several proposals that have successfully promoted the advancement and rediscovery of the African economy. The Kwarleyz Group CEO has developed over 600 residential and commercial units and pioneered the Uber Home niche in Ghana, all of which have boosted tourism in the country. The prominent philanthropist’s biggest ongoing addition to the Liberty Project was the creation of the Petronia City Industrial Park.

“68% of goods exported from the EU to Africa were manufactured goods in 2021,” according to Eurostat. The Petronia City Industrial Park is focused on preserving Africa’s independence and increasing its GDP by transforming intercontinental trade into intercontinental trade by providing manufacturing plants that will turn minerals into third-stage products, creating a distribution channel to feed the African Free Trade Agreement and meet demand. Petronia’s presence on the continent reduces import costs and makes essential products such as cell phones, laptops and computer software more affordable for the average consumer. Additionally, in order to encourage global investors and developers to set foot on Petronia’s platform for data centers and energy, Nana is creating the first and largest free zone crypto mining enclave in the world. world. This technology hub will be located in Takoradi, home to over 11 minerals and resources vital to production and trade; resources such as bauxite, iron ore, gold, manganese, etc. A wealth of minerals and resources made the western region of Ghana the hub of continental development and Petronia the focal point of the industrial revolution.

The Freedom Coin will be integrated into these development hubs to create value among the nations of Africa. The strong vision has piqued the interest of ICICB as they seek to leverage the power of their technology and artificial intelligence to make the project a success. Through their partnership, an intercontinental banking system will be set up to enable remittances and transfers across continents. In addition to bringing African countries closer together, Freedom Coin also connects Africa to the international market. Users can buy and sell crypto assets, NFTs, virtual land and more through Freedom Coin, similar to ICICB Chain.

The project is estimated at approximately US$400 million, which has been bolstered by ICICB’s strategic investment of US$100 million. Now owning 35% of the shares in this exciting project, ICICB is committed to being at the forefront of digital transformation in Africa with Freedom to ensure that the continent progresses alongside the revolutionary changes facing the world. Additionally, the project released a strategic statement stating that the first 15 million people who invest in Freedom Coin will receive a 20% return on investment, attracting investors from around the world.

About freedom

Freedom Jacob Caesar was named Ghana’s CEO of the Decade in 2021 and chairs the Kwarleyz Group, which comprises 5 companies: Wonda World Estates, Petronia City Development, New Africa Construction, Belfast City & Property Management and New Africa Foundation. For more information about Freedom, visit

About the ICICB

ICICB is an investment holding company specializing in financial services and investment offerings. Emerging as one of the fastest growing multinational investment firms, they are based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The group serves a variety of industries including digital banking, consulting, healthcare, commercial real estate, and more. For the past few years, ICICB’s mission has been the development and advancement of digital technology, integrated into everyday life to increase efficiency and sustainability. For more information, visit

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